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How to Keep Ticks Off All Summer Long


We have all met those tiny pests named ticks. Ticks usually live in moist and humid environments, near or in wooded or grassy areas. While we are doing outdoor activities like camping, gardening or hiking, we can come into contact with these pests. They can be really bothersome and uncomfortable as well. Sadly, they are […]

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A 7-Day Sugar Detox Menu Plan

Lose 30 lbs In A Week With This Sugar Detox Menu Plan

Nowadays, we are aware that sugar is very bad for our health. In fact, consuming sweets such as cakes, or products that have “hidden sugars” like low-fat yogurt can lead to big size, wrinkles, and energy crashes. People who are sugar addicts usually cannot start a day without a cup of coffee with sugar, and […]

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9 Health Benefits of Kamias

A Wonder Fruit: 9 Health Benefits of Kamias (No.8 Will Surprise You)

Ever heard about the fruit called Kamias? Kamias is another name for the tree that is known as Averrhoa bilimbi. In English, the tree is popular as sorrel tree or cucumber. Its natural habitat is in Indonesia as well as Malaysia. Interestingly, its fruit serves cooking as well as traditional medicine. It is a highly […]

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Sugar Detox in 10 Steps


Detoxing can do far more than make our skin glow. It is said that it can help improve our digestion, boost our energy, and even help with size. Even if the plan doesn’t look fun, it can take the load off the most important organs and detoxify the body. Once we  free our body from […]

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