6 Signs Indicating a Phone Was Hacked

6 Signs Indicating a Phone Was Hacked

Many people think that their phones are private and no one could access them. But, until now, there are no devices that are unable to be hacked. However, if people want to lower the chances they are going to read about the manners in which someone can hack their phone, how to identify them, and how to protect their phone.

How Can Someone Hack a Phone

One of the easiest ways is taking your phone for several minutes and installing applications such as Spyera, Spyzie, and Spyphone App. Then, when you are in a place that has an unprotected Wi-Fi network, you share all of your traffic with everyone.

Furthermore, charging your phone through an unknown USB puts you in risk of revealing and transferring all of your data. Also, there is the SMS phishing. This happens when you get a message in which is a link to, for instance, money transfer, your bank statement, and your photos.

Then, you click the link, download it, and you uncover all of your data to hackers. And, finally, someone can hack your phone with the help of the SS7. A lot of phone stations around the world use the SS7.

So, hackers are able to read your messages, listen to your calls, and track your location. However, only celebrities need to worry about this.

How to Know If Your Phone Was Hacked

The first sign indicating your phone was hacked is when it suddenly runs out of power. This can happen when your phone has some obscure application running. Another sign of an obscure application running on your phone is when your phone gets warm even without working.

Then, when your phone suddenly reboots itself, turns off, dial numbers, and starts apps, may mean that there is a system breakdown, but also a hacking. Moreover, some recent unknown calls and the inability of turning off your device are also a sign.

And, if you notice some noises or echo while you are talking on the phone may mean that someone hacked your phone.

Here are the 6 signs your phone was hacked:

1. suddenly shuts down

2. reboots itself

3. echo or noises appear when you are talking on the phone

4. dials numbers on its own

5. starts apps without you pressing anything

6. you are unable to turn it off

How Can You Protect Your Phone

One way of protecting your phone is to never open a link if you cannot see the entire URL. Then, another way is when you charge your phone through an unknown computer choose “only charging.” Of course, never use the “remember password” option.

Additionally, you should choose a manual connection to WiFi, and avoid networks with suspicious names like “wifiFree.” You should always go for WiFi networks that have password protection. Also, you should not buy things online from public networks.

And, if you are an android user, you can install a good anti-virus program. Finally, you should add a password to your phone.

Source: Bright Side