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People Who Possess 4 Specific Traits May Have An Incredibly Unique Personality

If You Possess 4 of These Traits, You Are One of the Rarest People on Earth

According to Carl Jung, the personalities of people are represented by general attitude: sensitive – intuitive, extroverted – introverted, judging – perceiving, and thinking-feeling. (1) So, when people get out the four initial letters INFJ from these personalities, they get the rarest type which is Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. When we look at a […]

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4 Perfect Replies to Rude People

4 Perfect Replies to Rude People

Relationships can be complicated. People tend to have a hate-love bond with their spouses, families, friends, or bosses. They might be the nicest people with the best intentions one second, and then the next second, they might say something so wrong. And that might make them angry and react negatively. Some questions such as “Will […]

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6 Ways to Get The Brain in Creativity Mode

6 Ways To Get The Brain In Creativity Mode

Neuroscience has a connection to creativity. A company called Neuroscape is led by Adam Gazzaley, a photographer, and a neuroscientist. Adam’s company is in the process of FDA approval for technology that helps kids with ADHD improve their attention span. He discussed with Chase Jarvis (the founder of CreativeLive) the key understanding of neuroscience’s role […]

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