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8 Signs We Have Found True Love

Most people go through life wondering what is true love. We’ve all asked ourselves at least once: “What is true love, and how will I recognize it?” Well, it is said that true love is actually that state when we feel happy. When we are around a person that makes us happy. Also, you feel […]

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18 Signs We Have a Toxic Person in Our Life

18 Signs We Have A Toxic Person In Our Life

One of the most difficult people to be with is toxic people. They are capable of draining our energy, inspiration, and motivation and leaving us exhausted. We may get life problems and low self-confidence. Since we are living in a society in which we cannot avoid everyone, we should know the signs that may warn […]

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20 Psychology Facts Everyone Needs to Know

20 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Needs To Know

When it comes to human psychology one thing is certain – it is mysterious and interesting. And in human psychology some things make sense, on other hand, others don’t. Below you will see a list of psychology facts that you simply must know about. One thing is certain, you will be surprised. 20 Facts You […]

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5 Phrases We Should Never Say to Children

The things we say and do have an impact on our children. According to psychologists, our words and deeds may affect our children’s adulthood. But, why is that so? Children are like sponges; they receive everything. Their brains are still in development, and they have excess synapses at a rate of about 15,000 synapses a […]

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