The Way People Hold Their Fist Reveals Their Personality

The Way You Hold Your Fist Reveals Your Personality

People are interested to find out more about their external and internal personality. All they need is to make a fist and see how they hold it. So, people’s hand can reveal their personality.

Picture A

External personality

If you hold your fist like in picture A, then you are sensitive, insecure, compassionate, possess a strong imagination, and you like helping other people. Also, you are enthusiastic, impatient, as well as energetic, curious, self-ironic and funny.

Internal personality

You want to feel protected, recognized, accepted, and be treated sincerely. There are times in which you are overly nice, and people take advantage of you, and all you want is honest feelings.

However, you know who treats you in a good way, and who in a bad way. You know what to love, and what to hate.

Love personality

You are capable of feeling love, but you cannot express it. If show your partner a 30% of your love, then it is at least 50% more than that. You tend to suppress your emotions. It is not that you are never getting angry, but you know how to suppress your bad temper. You know nothing of selfishness, and you treat people nicely.

Picture B

External Personality

If you hold your fist as in picture B, then you are talented, charismatic, and able to make friends everywhere. Also, you are intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, flexible, alert, confident, generous, eye-catching, self-confident, and you are full of ideas as well as you care a lot about power.

Internal Personality

You have a fragile heart, you have high expectations, want too many things, but you are afraid of getting hurt. Also, you are afraid of loss, and you need someone to encourage you. You just want to find people who will like the real you.

Love Personality

You spend a lot of time overthinking, you cannot let go, and you are stuck in depressive memories. Often, you change your mind, you want to be with someone, but you do not let yourself to do so. Due to your big love towards your partner, you are afraid that they are going to hate you or get sick of you, so you act like you do not care, and everything is “whatever” to you.

Picture C

External Personality

If you hold your fist as in picture C, then you are witty, emotional, agile, practical, thoughtful, good at phrasing, creative, and alert. Also, you are smart, good at manipulating, and advocating harmony. But, sometimes you over worry, and you are too sensitive.

Internal Personality

You tend to be silent, but you would rather sacrifice to prevent anyone from getting hurt. All you need is for someone to understand you which is not hard to be done. And, you want flexibility and dreams.

Love Personality

You prefer comfortable environment over busy one. It is the same with your relationships. The biggest weakness you possess is the soft heart. Even when a person does a lot of harm to you, if they offer their sincere apologies, you are able to forgive and forget.

So, how do you hold your fist?