13 Things That Impact Our Happiness

13 Most Common Reasons of Almost Everyone Who Is Unhappy With Their Life

We are the creators of our happiness, and studies say that positive self-talk and having faith in ourselves give us more power to overcome everything. Even though we can have an impact on our happiness, there are numerous people who are unhappy.

Since studies show that we get more of people when we have faith in them, it is clear why people are unhappy – they have unrealistic expectations. Also, frequently, people choose to be unhappy because it requires less effort. (1)

For instance, they refuse to make a change, they try to gain control over uncontrollable things, etc. Below is a list of reasons why people are unhappy:

1. Expecting Opportunities to Fall From the Sky

Even though the Law of Attraction includes following your intuition and signs, it does not mean that we should just sit comfortably in our chairs and wait for opportunities to appear. Instead, we need to be curious about the world, try new things, and meet new people. (2)

2. Everyone Should Like Me

No matter how hard it is to accept, you need to remember that it is impossible for everyone to like you. Anyway, know that people who refuse to accept your good qualities are the ones who are totally insecure with themselves.

When you decide to stop expecting people to like you, you will have the time and energy to work more on the relationships that are worthy.

3. No Meaning in Life

Since nowadays people usually work from 9 am to 5 pm, they have less free time, and may get stuck working something they do not like. However, there is always some free time that we can use doing things we like in order to give our lives more meaning. (3)

4. Obsessing with the Past or the Future

People who spend all of their time concentrating on things that are gone, or things that are about to happen, miss the present. In fact, life is happening at this moment, you should enjoy it.

Do not let yourself miss the opportunities in life just because you are staring at your past, or overwhelmed about the future.

5. People Know What I Think

Thinking that people can read your mind is totally wrong, especially in romantic relationships. Expecting people to know what you want or how you feel, is just going to make be misunderstood most of the time. So, you need to feel free to express yourself.

6. Out of Shape or Unhealthy

When you feel like you have gained some weight and that makes you unhappy or unhealthy, you need to pay attention to what you eat. Take some time each day to go for a walk or exercise because losing extra fats lowers your health risks.

7. Things I Buy Can Make Me Happy

Although there are things that can make your life more comfortable and happier, you should not let yourself believe that material possessions can make you be truly happy.  Instead, focus on getting your life emotionally fulfilled.

8. Comparing With Other People

People who tend to compare their lives with other people’s lives are usually unhappy. If you are trying to reach a level in your life that others have reached it will lead you to unhappiness.

You need to realize that you are a different person that possesses different strengths and qualities. Your life is unique.

9. Negative Mantra

Thinking that you are going to fail something even before you try to make it work, leads to true failure. You need to accept that failures are part of life, and when you try to achieve something you need to use positive mantras. This way, you are maximizing the chances to succeed.

10. Financial Debt

Spending money in order to impress people, or thinking that material objects will make you happier leads to a possible financial debt. And, it is not easy to pay your debts. So, you need to pay more attention to how you spend your money.

Do not let finances have control over you. You are the one who needs to control them.

11. Procrastination

Leaving unfinished work exhausts you so much which leads to unhappiness. Convincing yourself that none of the things on your list need to be done today, makes you take time to relax. But, actually, you are just delaying your responsibilities, and they are just piling up.

When the deadline comes, your panic mode is on. To avoid this, you need to finish all of your tasks in time, and you will avoid stress and unhappiness.

12. Work, Work, Work

Focusing only on work definitely belongs to this list. Even though you have responsibilities, you should not forget that you have a responsibility to have fun too. So, take some time to have fun!

13. Forgetting About People

In order to feel alive, we need to have contact with other people. Sometimes, when we are extremely busy, we tend to forget about our family and friends. But, we need to make time to be with these people in order to have a happier life.

Well, people, as you can see, your happiness is in your hands. Do not let anyone or any negative thoughts ruin it.