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Intelligent People аre Messy, Swear and Go to Bed Late?

Intelligent People Are Messy, Swear and Go to Bed Late

Who has found themselves using bad language more often than normal? Or, is their spouse criticizing them because of the mess they leave behind? Going to bed late? That might seem just a bad habit, but it turns out there is more to it.

Believe it or not, people who have such habits are said to be more honest and intelligent. That is in comparison to people who don’t have such habits. Intrigued? Read on to find out more.

Intelligent People Swear More

Let’s make one thing clear it’s all about the circumstances and timing. You should know that intelligent people use bad language only to make their point. Moreover, they use bad language to describe actions, events, feelings, and thoughts.

According to studies, the ability to use fitting swear words is connected to language fluency and high vocabulary. That makes sense, right? (1)

Intelligent People Go to Bed Late


According to studies those people who have the highest IQs are usually those who are most active at night. (2)

To be more precise, people with an IQ of less than 75 go to bed around 11:41 pm, while on the other hand people with an IQ of over 123 go to bed around 12:30 am.

Smart People Are Highly Adaptable

Highly intelligent people are more adaptable in comparison to other people.

Smart People Love Solving Problems

If you love it when you deal with a problem, then there is a chance that you are a highly intelligent person.

Intelligent People Strive for Unique Solutions and Ideas

As Einstein said, the true sign that someone is intelligent is seen not by his knowledge, but by his imagination.

Smart People Look at Failures as Lessons

This is a trait of a highly intelligent person. These people always see the positive in everything and try to get the best out of it. They learn from their mistakes, and they see them as a good thing.

Intelligent People Are Also Moral People

As Martin Luther King, Jr. said education should teach a person to think critically and intensively. Intelligence along with character is the goal of education.

Smart People Are Messy People

Next time someone complains about your messy house what you need to do is remember that it’s a trait of an intelligent person.

Yes, it’s really like that. This discovery actually explodes the previous notions according to which a clean working and living environment leads to more effective and efficient success and results.

Psychological researchers and scientists from the University of Minnesota say that a messy environment actually activates creative thinking and new ideas. (3)


Intelligent people act, solve issues and think differently. They ignore everyday problems such as trying to act civil, keeping things clean, and maintaining a consistent schedule.

So, they have the freedom to be more creative and more efficient. All in all, an intelligent person swears like a sailor, spends nights at messy desks, and makes creative ideas a reality.

Do you now feel better about your bad language, messy room, and lack of sleep? Of course, you do, cause nothing can top intelligence.

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