18 Signs We Have a Toxic Person in Our Life

18 Signs We Have A Toxic Person In Our Life

One of the most difficult people to be with is toxic people. They are capable of draining our energy, inspiration, and motivation and leaving us exhausted. We may get life problems and low self-confidence.

Since we are living in a society in which we cannot avoid everyone, we should know the signs that may warn us when there is a toxic person in our life.

1. Victim

No matter what is happening, a toxic person will always play the victim role. Whatever happens, it is never their fault, but other people’s actions. And, when something has happened because of them, they would never admit it.

For example, when they are late for work, they would blame the traffic. Or, when they break up with their beloved, then it is because of their partner’s jealousy. So, if you know a person like this, you know what to do.

2. Negativity in the Air

When a person is continuously negative and has a negative attitude, it is a sure sign they are toxic. Anyway, do not confuse negativity with realism. Negativity involves factors like being too much sarcastic, nonstop complaining, whining, and judging other people.

3. Constantly Interrupting

The world of toxic people revolves only around themselves. They have a high ego and they forget about manners when it comes to leading a decent conversation.

They tend to interrupt other people while they are talking, and that is irritating. While a normal person would apologize, a toxic one would never do that because they are clueless and rude.

4. Too Dramatic

When you are with a toxic person means that you are surrounded by constant drama. They are troublemakers, so they like drama because they can play the role of a victim.

Also, if a person is constantly stressed, it may mean they are toxic because we are all stressed, but they find a way to maximize stress.

5. They Are Never Wrong

They have an urge to always be right. They think of themselves as flawless, and always right. Even if you give them a lot of evidence of them being wrong, they would never admit it, they will always blame you. To win an argument they may even be aggressive and loud which is not a desirable trait.

6. Take Your Time

Moreover, you should know that toxic people tend to show up without calling you first. They do not care if you have something to do, they would take all of your time.

7. They Do Not Listen

It is normal to think of what you would say while the other person is talking, but showing no interest in what they are saying is not cool.

When someone continues talking about themselves without trying to understand what you are saying, and there is no response, they may be toxic.

8. No Compassion

Usually, toxic people tend to not have neither empathy nor compassion toward other people’s feelings. They may think negatively of others and cannot be compassionate or emphatic.

9. They Like to Boost Their Ego

When a person is great, they do not need to say how good they are because their actions would speak the truth. However, toxic people always talk about their qualities.

Next time you hear someone talking about how awesome they are, you should know they are not that great.

10. Constant Criticizers

When someone who cares about you may tell you honestly what they think about you and give you some advice. But, when someone finds ways to constantly criticize you and your life, you should know they are toxic.

If they judge you and try to give advice you did not ask for, says a lot about them.

11. They Want Attention

Toxic people adore being the center of attention. They always want to be dominant, and they are happy just when they are talking about themselves. The loudest people in the group are the attention seekers.

12. Liars

Toxic people like inventing stories, making variations from the real truth, and they may even exclude important facts. After you talk with a person that left you confused, you should think about if that person is someone worthy of your trust.

13. They Act Like they in High School

When people act like they are still in high school, you cannot them easily. They like humiliating other people and judging them just by the way they look.

They think they are the best, and others are not dressed well, are dirty, or are not worthy if they do not possess the latest fashion items or the newest car.

14. Controlling

Toxic people like to control others. When they tell you what to do and how to feel can be annoying. If you have a person like this in your life, you need to cut them off immediately.

15. They Have No Respect

These people know nothing about manners, they do not apologize, they cut people in traffic, etc. Their behavior is so disturbing that you may ask yourself how can someone be like that without being ashamed.

16. Addiction Problems

Being around people who have addiction problems may be difficult and often harmful. You should know that addiction is a severe problem, and you should be careful if you are with someone who has addiction problems.

You may often see the mentioned characteristics of those people who have addiction issues.

17. No Control Over Themselves

Often these people may lose their temper. If you feel like you are continuously being careful when around someone, know they may be toxic. You should think of yourself because you do not need the stress that this person is causing you.

18. You Have an Intuition

Of course, your gut rarely lies. When you feel a person is toxic, when your gut tells you that the person next to you is not good, that is probably right. Trust your intuition and decide if you need to remove that person from your life.

Finally, remember that a toxic person may have just a few of these characteristics. You need to be careful of every sign we mentioned in this article. If you have a toxic person in your life, you should think of the best way to deal with that relationship.

In some cases may mean putting an end to that relationship, but sometimes, it may need counseling, or finding a different solution. Nonetheless, you need to take proper care of yourself.