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20 Psychology Facts Everyone Needs to Know

20 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Needs To Know

When it comes to human psychology one thing is certain – it is mysterious and interesting. And in human psychology some things make sense, on other hand, others don’t. Below you will see a list of psychology facts that you simply must know about.

One thing is certain, you will be surprised.

20 Facts You Must Know About

#1 Experiences Are Better

This is one interesting fact. People are much happier when they spend money on experiences instead of spending money on things.

Why? Because you need memories to be happy.

#2 Spending Money Makes You Happy

Spending money on people you love makes you happier and it’s even proven by studies. Just notice how you feel when you give presents on birthdays and holidays.

#3 Rejection is Painful

Neuroscience suggests that rejection leads to pain in the brain. So, rejection really hurts.

#4 Remembering a Past Event

This is one more fun fact. When you think of something which occurred in the past, you are actually remembering the last time you thought of it.

That is why memories fade with time.

#5 Chocolate Makes You Happy

The same hormone is released when you are in love and when you eat chocolate.

What happens is that this hormone increases the pulse rate, and makes you excited and alert. And last but not least, you are happy.

#6 Hugs Release Special Chemicals

Hugs are really something special. When you hug someone for around 20 seconds, your body releases a special type of chemical – oxytocin.

As a result, you feel connected to that individual, secure, and safe. Thanks to this chemical all your worries are gone at least at that moment right there.

#7 Relationships Are Crucial

When it comes to a healthy life, relationships are more crucial in comparison to physical activity.

#8 Thinking in Foreign Language Equals Rational Decisions

According to one study, thinking in another language made the citizens of Korea reduce overall bias.

#9 Children Are More Strung

It is a fact that children are more strung in comparison to psych ward individuals in their 50s.

The sad truth is that around half of the overall population deals with anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

#10 Talking about Goals Means Nothing

When you discuss your goals there is a smaller chance of actually achieving them.

#11 Happiness and Happy People Go Together

This is true, when you are around happy people you will be happier. So, if you want to have a smile on your face, you need to surround yourself with happy people.

#12 Religion Helps with Stress

An interesting fact is that people who practice meditation and prayers are less stressed in comparison to those who don’t.

#13 When You Are Tired You Are More Creative

People are most creative when they are tired. That is why most people get the most brilliant ideas in the shower.

#14 Music Has an Impact on People

According to one study, music has a big influence on people and their perceptions.

#15 Favorite Song is Favorite for a Reason

Usually, people’s favorite songs are connected to certain emotional and specific events.

#16 Money Does Buy Happiness

The average American needs around 75,000 dollars a year to be happy. This amount is enough for Americans to have what they desire.

#17 From the Age of 18 to 33 Stress Is Present

Those from 18 to 33 always have stress by their side, no matter if it is due to work, education, or family.

#18 Blind People Don’t Have Schizophrenia

Until now, there is no proof that a blind person has ever had schizophrenia.

#19 You Are Able to Trick Your Brain

Placebo sleep is real. You can trick your brain that you have slept enough to boost your energy levels.

#20 Dunning Kruger Effect

This effect explains a situation where ignorant people think they’re smart, and on the other hand, smart people think they aren’t. In one word it’s called the Dunning-Kruger Effect.