8 Personality Traits We Possess That May Trigger Intimidating Feelings In Some People

8 Personality Traits We Possess That May Trigger Intimidating Feelings In Some People

Those who have strong personalities intimidate many people. Since today’s world feeds on fear and insecurity, people are usually afraid and it is normal that they feel triggered when they meet someone who is not.

These people who have strong personalities should serve as an example to all of us. They have self-confidence and are not afraid to show what they possess in an appropriate way. Are you one of them?

In this article, we offer you eight traits that make other people feel intimated in your presence.

1. You Choose People

You are not a person that would let just anyone in your life. You are careful when it comes to letting people be part of your life. Being alone is better than being surrounded by fake friends.

So, that is the reason why you do not have many friends. You are all about quality, not quantity.

2. No Need for Attention

There are people who would do anything to get attention, but you are not one of them. Actually, you cannot understand why people need to be liked by the world, and they would do unimaginable things just to gain their attention.

Anyway, you have a personality that attracts people without you even trying. You are the type of person that people like.

3. No Need for Approval

In order to receive approval, people do things they even do not like. But, you never do that. You prefer doing things you like and you do not care about getting approval.

You are motivated to achieve your goals, and that is enough to give you strength.

4. Insensitivity, Ignorance, and Idiocy Are Not Your Cup of Tea

You are a person who is well-informed and thoughtful. Rushing to decisions is not what you do because you always think through everything. Also, you do not like people who are ignorant when there is a lot of information in the world, and people who choose to be inconsiderate and insensitive.

5. No Small Talk

As a person with a strong personality, you do not like small talk and dull expressions. There are so many interesting and relevant topics to discuss, no need to talk about the weather or someone else’s life.

You cannot understand why people do not use the many opportunities to grow.

6. A Good Listener

Nowadays it is not easy to find a person that understands you well. But, you are a great listener, and when people find out that you can understand them, they become terrified.

And, people who will appreciate your attention are really rare. Most people prefer complaining about not being heard.

7. No Excuses

Excuses do not belong on your list of favorite things. You do not like to get by with excuses. Listening to people complain about their inability to manage time annoys you. You are aware that if you set your mind properly, you are able to achieve your goals.

8. No Fears

Of course, we are all afraid of something, but you are a person that finds a way to deal with the things that cause you fear. You are prepared to face everything that scares you, you do not let fears stop you from achieving what you want.

So, being able to face your face makes you fearless. Also, when you are afraid of something, you become more cautious and aware, and you use these traits to overcome any obstacle on your way to success.

Make sure to embrace your “intimidating” personality and work on yourself to realize your dreams. Other people should not feel intimated by you, but they should learn from you!