10 Signs of Higher Consciousness

10 Obvious Signs of Higher Consciousness

Nowadays, the world undergoes many changes. There are more and more people each day that are becoming conscious and aware of problems in the world that need to change. In order to lead truly happy and meaningful lives, people realize they need to be in control of their own lives instead of being controlled by society.

So, people do not want to lead lives dictated by movies, magazines, television, etc. Likewise, people are more and more aware of nutrition. There are a lot of documentaries, magazines, blogs, newspapers, etc. that are raising awareness about the positive and negative sides of different types of food and animal genocide.

If you want to know whether you are among those people, read on to find out about 10 signs of spiritual awakening.

1. Timelessness

This is one of the symptoms indicating that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening. You become fully focused on the present, and the past, as well as the future, are not that significant. In fact, the past and the future exist only in our minds, in our thoughts. So, the present does not exist in the thoughts, but we live in it.

2. You Feel as Somethings Has Changed Inside You

You have this inexplicable feeling as if something has changed inside you, you feel like you are a totally new person. This feeling makes you happy but afraid at the same time because you feel like you have escaped from the prison that society had put you in.

Also, you may think that life was easier before while you were in your comfort zone. But, the world is now new because you see it with your own eyes.

3. Boosted Perception

When you are awake, your perception becomes direct and vivid. You see the world in a childish way by wondering, beauty, and you see that other people take it for granted. Also, you see the world as a better place to live in, much brighter than before.

In fact, you see the world clearly as it is, without any filters. You see it more real and sharper. And, you start to appreciate the simple pleasures such as cooking, eating, walking, etc.

4. Aware of Your Old Bad Habits

In this time, you become aware of all your bad habits that had had a negative impact on your life. By realizing all of those negative things, you become ready for a change, and you would never like to go back to the old life. You feel happy and satisfied with the present life and feelings of hope.

5. Compassion and Empathy

Higher levels of compassion and empathy are also a sign of spiritual awakening. When you are connected to other creatures such as animals, nature, and humans, you get to feel what they feel. That is positive because, for instance, if they are suffering, then you are there to comfort them and try to ease their pain.

And, empathy or feeling with other people makes you more compassionate and able to love. So, this leads to a sense that you are the other person/people and you belong with them, and you share experiences.

6. An Urge to Make the World a Better Place

You are not satisfied only by taking care of yourself. You are in a stage of life where you want to help other people and positively impact the world. Also, you cannot understand how some people can hurt others and feel okay with it.

You find your life meaningful only when you do something good for others. Likewise, you cannot imagine your life ending without you having a positive impact on the world, and you feel like you are present on this Earth for a bigger purpose.

7. No Group Identity

When you are spiritually awake, you no longer possess the tendency to identify with others. You do not feel connected to any nationality or religion. Also, you feel as all the people in this world are equals. Labels such as Christians, Muslims, Americans, or Europeans are not meaningful to you.

And, if you are connected to some specific tradition, you do not feel as if that is the only one that is true and real. So, having an open mind is a trait of spiritual awakening.

8. Increased Sensitivity

Besides your five physical senses (taste, touch, hearing, sight, and smell), your spiritual sense (inspiration, intuition, conscience, imagination, and emotions) is increased too. You learn how to listen to your intuition, and you let it guide you through life.

You become aware that emotions are your soul’s “compass” that guides you and indicates the proper directions.

9. More Authentic Relationships

Sometimes, close people do not like a spiritual awakening, so that results in relationship problems. But, since spiritually awaken people are more aware of themselves, and because of their heightened compassion and empathy, they do not respond in a negative way to the hostility and hatred of others.

Additionally, when you are spiritually awake, you have a healthy self-confidence and feeling of security, so you tend to be your true self without any masks, and you look for deep and real relationships.

10. Not Interested in Worrying, Conflicts, and Judgement

While being spiritually awake, you are in a place in which you understand that constant worry is the worst thing one can do to themselves. So, you decide to make decisions of love and trust and to be more grateful and joyful.

Moreover, you appreciate your inner peace, and you are no longer interested in other people’s dramas and conflicts. And, you have lost interest in judging other people, as well as yourself. You want to bring more love, peace, as well as compassion for people in your life.

All in all, if someone experiences a spiritual awakening, they will also experience higher well-being, mental quietness, unselfishness, etc. In fact, when people become spiritually awake, they become better people willing to make this world a better place.

That is due to moving to a place of acceptance, love, and peace, and staying away from a place of concern, anxiety, fear, and trouble.