Even Good Things Have Bad Sides: Disadvantages of Being an Empath

Even Good Things Have Bad Sides: Disadvantages Of Being An Empath

People have five senses, sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch. But, our strongest sense is empathy. (1) We are not on the planet only because of our advanced brains and amazing and complicated buildings, or to have multibillion-dollar companies.

We are something more, and without empathy, the world would not be the same. It would be filled with chaos and madness. And, as we can notice, as time goes by, people lose their sense of empathy, and we can see it all over the Internet and TV.

Nowadays, people who have a high sense of empathy struggle with things that most other people do not. Empaths tend to take in other people’s emotions; they can read people, understand different opinions, and be good citizens.

Even though being an empath is good for this world, it can be troubling for the empaths themselves. Since they take in other people’s energies and emotions that can be very exhausting for them.

Sometimes, empaths are not even aware that their empathy is the reason behind many things they experience.

1. An Urge to Change the World

We can make it a thousand times, and we will not be wrong – the world would be different without empaths. These people are caring and natural healers who have a strong desire to change the world.

From time to time, they may feel discouraged to make a change in this world because, in comparison to the rest of the people in this world, they feel small. However, that is not a burden to their attempt to make this world a better place.

They are amazing people who are capable of doing incredible things, but at the time they do not know where to begin.

2. Overly Sensitive

Being a highly sensitive person is a result of being an empath, and it may cause problems from time to time. However, it is not an easy thing to get used to. Generally, empaths are very sensitive to energy and emotions.

And, what most people do not understand is that we feel regular emotions at a higher sensitivity. The negative thing is we can feel emotional stress because of our vulnerability to emotions.

3. Absorbing Other People’s Emotions and Energies

Since empaths take in other people’s emotions and feelings, they need to be careful with who they surround themselves with. The rest of the world does not understand that it can be very exhausting to absorb everyone’s energy.

For instance, if an empath is in a company of an extremely negative person, they will feel their negativity, and that would result in exhaustion and sadness. So, even one person with negative energy may make them feel bad.

4. Afraid to Let Other People In

Even though empaths are loving and caring people who are amazing friends and passionate lovers, they have a bad side. Because of their sensitivity, they are afraid to let other people in their life.

They are very careful when it comes to love, and they cannot fall in love just like that because they are afraid they may get hurt.

5. In love with Nature

When empaths are in nature, they feel like they are at home. They enjoy the trees, animals, and plants. Being in nature, it feels like a natural recharger of energy to empaths.

When an empath struggles with something in their life, they find a treatment in nature. No matter what season we are in, we can always find empaths walking in nature and consuming its positive vibe.

6. Negative People Are All Around Them

Attracting negative people is one of the most hated traits of empaths. They can be like real magnets to negativity. Because of their ability to understand other people’s opinions and emotions, often, they are taken advantage of. This is the reason why negative people like to attach to empaths.

7. Big Heart

As we mentioned, empaths like to change the world, and they always want to improve society. They are loving people who have kind hearts. They care for their families and friends, and they are always there to help them.

And, sometimes, their big heart can suffer because people tend to take them for granted and use them. However, they would never change no matter how hurt they are.

8. Unable to Easily Separate Their Feelings From Others

Since empaths absorb other people’s feelings and energies, that can be troubling to them. Often, empaths do not know the difference between their feeling and the feelings they have absorbed from others.

So, they end up confused about how they truly feel because they cannot separate their feelings from others.

9. A Strong Intuition

Being an empath means being born with a strong sense of intuition. Often, empaths know that something will happen, they feel it in their gut. And, sometimes, they are capable of making the right decision just because they trust what their gut says.

Empaths’ intuition is much stronger than other people’s intuition, and it may be hard for others to understand it.

10. They Are Aware They Do Not Belong Here

Because of their powerful intuition, empaths have a strong sense of knowing. They know that they are capable of doing amazing things, but they do not know where to begin. They have a desire to be a part of something bigger; they do not like chasing goals like most people.

11. Addictive Personality

Because of their high sensitivity to other people’s energies and emotions, empaths tend to become addicts. Often, they turn to drugs, intercourse, and alcohol in order to block out what they feel from other people.

It is a kind of self-protection to keep themselves safe from external emotions and energies.

12. They Do Not Like To Do Things They Do Not Enjoy

When empaths do things they do not enjoy, they feel like they live in a lie. When you force an empath to do something they do not enjoy, it just makes them unhappy. This is the reason why a lot of empaths get a label for laziness.

13. Mood Swings

Even though empaths are capable of hiding how they truly feel, they are prone to mood swings. If empaths absorb too much negative energy they may feel unsociable and quiet and may seem miserable.

As we can see, this is one more piece of proof that everything good has a bad side too. Being an empath is not an easy thing, and if you are one, you need to learn how to protect yourself.