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Why Does Good Feelings Benefit Our Body and Mind?

Why Does Good Feelings Benefit Our Body and Mind

In order to have good physical health, we need to eat proper food and be physically active. However, research says that good health requires positive emotions as well. According to a newer study, positive emotions make people more socially connected. (1) For the sake of the study which was published in Psychological Science, 65 people […]

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10 Impressive Qualities of Sensitive People

10 Impressive Qualities of Highly Sensitive People

Highly sensitive people experience the world differently as they process information deeply. They tend to be insightful, creative, and empathetic, but these traits can also make them prone to stress and overwhelm. And, they are often told that they take things so personally. Highly sensitive people are considered to be a minority. They are known […]

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Having a Blunt Friend in Our Life is a Luck?

If You Have A Blunt Friend In Your Life, You Are Lucky!

Probably, you have that one friend who is always sincere about everything and always says their honest opinion. The dictionary says that the meaning of the word “blunt” is “uncompromisingly forthright.” According to sociology, blunt friends are the best friends we can have. Wonder why? Read on to find out. 1. They Are Honest About […]

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