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4 Disadvantages of Being an Empath No One Talks About

4 Dark Sides of Being an Empath No One Talks About

What does it mean to be an empath? Well, it means being able to feel we’re going through the same thing another person is experiencing. These people are highly sensitive and can feel everything, sometimes even too much. They can absorb people’s emotions, both positive and negative. These extraordinary abilities of empaths come naturally. In […]

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Complaining is Terrible for Us?

Science Says Stop Complaining, It Is Not Good For Your Health

Every now and then, we all complain. But, why do we do that? Of course, we are not doing it only to torture people. Actually, when we complain, that is like a ventilator for us. We need to express how we feel in order to feel better. Nonetheless, science says that there are negative sides […]

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6 Things People Say to Drive Us Mad

6 Phrases Psychopaths Use To Make You Feel Crazy

Some people are excellent at pretending to be the person we want them to be. And, when they have nothing else to get from us, they act strangely. And, they are famous for making us feel like we are not good enough.  Here, we reveal the most common phrases that we may hear from them. […]

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