10 Things a Narcissist Can’t Do for People

10 Things A Narcissist Can't Do For Anyone

Ever been in a relationship or have a family member who is a narcissist? A narcissist has one of the most toxic personalities a person can have.

Therefore, it is only normal that they can only cause untold damage and hurt the people around them. Moreover, they only know how to focus on their personal needs and desires. They will never concern themselves with what other people like.

In fact, a narcissist will always try to manipulate their way out of any situation. Here are some of the examples of why a person like that is incapable of caring about the people around them, let alone showing love and compassion.

1. Never Apologize

A narcissist will never apologize or acknowledge that they’ve done something wrong. In fact, their instinct forces them to make you believe that you are crazy. This way you will absorb all the blame.

Moreover, a narcissist is always on the defensive and will redirect the conversation. Making you the guilty one. Remember, a narcissist never accepts any wrongdoing. In their mind, they are absolutely perfect.

2. Doesn’t Provide Emotional Support

What a narcissist does best is making other people themselves. So, they don’t know how to provide any emotional support. In fact, you shouldn’t even expect any emotion from a narcissist.

A narcissist loves to control people and make them feel powerless. Therefore, they can never know how to give any emotional support.

3. Loves Themselves

A true narcissist only loves himself. They will only ‘love’ you if it can benefit them in any way. That form of love revolves around how you make them feel or what you can provide for them.

Therefore, if you make a narcissist feel beautiful and loved, they will expect you to completely devote yourself to the relationship and focus solely on the narcissist’s selfishness.  In other words, you can’t expect a narcissist to love you the same way you do.

In fact, a narcissist can cause untold psychological damage especially because they will only love themselves.

4. Never Accountable for Their Actions

A narcissist is never at fault. Therefore, there is no way they can be accountable for their actions. It is a fact that a narcissist will never ever take full responsibility for any wrongdoings. In their mind, they are the ideal person, a symbol of perfection and beauty.

There is no way they can ever make a mistake.

5. They Don’t Care How You Feel

It is easy for a narcissist to hurt the people around them, especially the closest ones. The worst part is that they will never care how you feel. In fact, they can’t. They literally can’t understand the pain they are causing to their supposed loved ones.

Therefore, their cycle of pain and abuse will keep going forever.

6. Won’t Make You Feel Good

It is a narcissist’s goal to make others feel miserable. So, they will befriend anyone who is fragile, less attractive, or passive to become the center of attention. This makes them powerful and builds up their ego.

In other words, a narcissist feeds on people who are weaker in order to become more popular.

7. Don’t Appreciate Anything

Whatever you do for a narcissist is never enough.

No matter how brave you were, the plans you made, or the clothes you bought, will never be enough to satisfy a narcissist. That kind of person will never appreciate the effort you put in everything to make them happy.

Plus, even your thoughts and emotions don’t matter.

8. Your Problems Are Your Own

Do not even bother to tell a narcissist about your problems. They will most certainly use them and your feelings against you. After all, they only care about their personal problems. There is no time for a narcissist to listen to your ‘whining’.

9. You Will Never Be Their Equal

A narcissist thinks they are better than anyone else. Therefore, they will never consider you an equal.

10. They Don’t Provide Security

Pleasing a narcissist is impossible. But, the most problematic thing in a relationship is that they will never provide any security or emotional support. That is why being in a romantic relationship with a narcissist is like walking on eggshells.