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The Best Fruit for Preventing a Heart Attack, Stroke, High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol!

These fruits are the perfect food for your health. They are excellent for boosting the heart health, preventing hypertension, stroke, or high cholesterol. Plus, they are rich in nutrients that are excellent for improving the metabolism (1). Furthermore, there are plenty of reasons why you should eat these fruits. Dates contain plenty of minerals and […]

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Research Shows Black Seed Could Treat Underactive Thyroid (Hashimoto’s Disease)

Hypothyroidism is underactive thyroid gland which can’t secrete sufficient thyroid hormone. According to statistics, around 10 million people in America have this condition. The most common cause of hypothyroidism is the autoimmune thyroid condition, Hashimoto’s disease. But, according to a recent clinical trial, Hashimoto can be improved with just 2 grams of powdered black seed […]

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