7 Signs Someone is Mentally Strong

How to Tell If Someone Is Mentally Strong 7 Signs to Check

“Can I say I am mentally strong?” Our mental strength determines everything we do, or don’t do, in life. But, it’s not something we are born with. It’s a choice and discipline that’s tested throughout our entire life.

Whatever challenge life throws at you, being mentally strong means seeing things through a new lens and taking decisive actions to move through the challenge successfully.

However, being mentally strong is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you feel stuck. It requires that extra grit, spunk, and daring to break the mold and take a completely new direction.

It means seeing a challenge to overcome instead of an impenetrable barrier. It means seeing an opportunity and taking action when circumstances seem hopeless.

Here are a few ways the mentally strong person behaves, so if you have the same habits, congratulations -you have incredible mental strength. If not, you can see them as strategies that will help you improve your mental strength.

7 Signs Someone is Mentally Strong

1. They Don’t Complain

Instead of complaining about their situation, mentally strong people assess the problem and try to find the solution. They know that complaining won’t improve their situation in any way, but only magnify it.

These people are fully aware that life brings changes, and they embrace them. Although it’s not always a positive change, they go with the flow and try to get the maximum of every situation. They change what they can and embrace what they cannot.

2. They Stand Their Ground

Mentally strong people can say “no” when something doesn’t feel right. They set their own boundaries and don’t allow anyone to walk over them. They have no problem letting other people know that they can’t fit something into their schedule.

These people have self-respect, so they don’t let anyone treat them wrong. They are not afraid to be alone if that means defending their beliefs.

3. They Quit Bad Habits

Mentally strong people let go of everything that doesn’t improve their life. This includes toxic relationships, dead-end jobs, cigarettes, alcohol, or anything else that doesn’t add value to their life.

They have a strong will to distance themselves from these temptations.

4. They Take Control of Their Lives


These people don’t wait for anyone to come and save them. They never blame others for their situation, but take charge and do everything they can to fix the problem. They never delay the things that have to be done, thus creating the life they want to live.

5. They Dance in The Rain

A person who’s mentally strong knows that they are the author of their own life story. There’s no instruction manual to tell them what’s right and what’s wrong. They face many obstacles and fight their own battles to create the life they desire.

By overcoming the challenges they learn to appreciate life even more. They accept the good with the bad, not letting the bumps on the road ruin their plans.

6. They Are Emotionally Intelligent

This is probably the foundation of mental strength. It means understanding and tolerating strong negative emotions, and using them productively. Situations that test a person’s mental strength are also testing their emotional intelligence.

7. They Avoid Difficult People


Mentally strong people don’t waste their time on toxic people. They know these people will frustrate and exhaust them, so they avoid them as much as possible. But, when they do need to confront one of them, they identify their emotions, not letting frustration or anger affect them.

Also, they take into account the toxic person’s standpoint which allows them to find common ground. In this way, they prevent difficult people from bringing them down.

Note: The intention of this article is not to ignore or discredit the struggles of people with mental illnesses. Managing a mental disorder is really difficult, so have this in mind while studying the article.