An Educated Empath is a Sociopath’s Worst Nightmare

Educated Empaths Are A Threat To Sociopaths

In the article, we are going to talk about empaths being the worst nightmare of sociopaths. But, in order to do so, we need to talk about what it means to be an empath, and what it means to be a sociopath.

We are going, to begin with the explanation of empathy and sociopathy, and then talk about why empaths are better than sociopaths.


Being an empath means that you are aware of the emotions and feelings of those around you. It is a very important element of Emotional Intelligence. Actually, it is the bond between yourself and others.

It is the way we understand how others are feeling about something as if we were feeling the same. Many confuse empathy with sympathy, but they are different.

Sympathy is when you have feelings for someone, for example when you feel sadness and pity for them. And, empathy is when you are able actually to understand what others are feeling; you are ‘feeling with them.

According to Tim Minchin, empathy is a skill, and everyone can develop it. But, some people are just born empaths. So, the key elements of empathy are:

1. Being Able to Understand Others

Feeling what others are feeling as well as being interested in their concerns. Also, these people are interested in trying to find a way in order to help them.

2. Help in Developing Others

This means that empaths want to help others to develop as much as they can. And, these people tend to praise others and reward them for their achievements and strengths, providing them coaching and help.

3. Service Orientation

Empaths put the needs of others before their own, and they are searching for ways to make them happy. They would do whatever it takes to make others feel happier.

4. Leveraging Diversity

Moreover, empaths are aware that every person has their own capabilities. They treat people in a way that fits their feelings and needs; it does not mean that they treat them in the same way.

5. Politically Aware

A lot of people think of this skill as manipulative, but actually, it means that they sense and respond to the group’s requirements.


People who have anti-social behavior followed by no empathy for others, as well as an inability to adapt to society’s norms, are sociopaths.

Some other traits of people suffering from this anti-social behavior are lying, no regret, stealing, impulsivity, irresponsibility, substance abuse, issues with the law, aggression, and so on.

These people are frequently not capable of controlling their attitudes. This anti-social behavior happens before the age of 15, and if it is not treated, then, it continues into adulthood too.

People who are sociopaths may have experienced rape, emotional abuse, abandonment, deprivation, etc., which are in fact the main reasons behind their condition.

Empaths Are a Threat to Sociopaths

So, since now you know what an empath is and what a sociopath is, we can talk about why empaths are a threat to sociopaths. Many think that sociopaths and narcissists are more intelligent than empaths, but that is not true.

In fact, empaths are intellectually superior to narcissists as well as sociopaths. People who are empaths are grounded, and creative, and they have abstract thoughts. And, in this case of sociopaths, they lack these traits.

Empaths are capable of manipulating and even taking advantage of narcissists. Just because they do not do it, it does not mean that they are not more capable than sociopaths.

Empaths do not take advantage of people because they have values and morals, and they do not like hurting others. This innate moral makes empaths stronger than sociopaths.

Also, they have this strong feeling of hope which makes them feel positive and better than sociopaths at the same time.

Although empaths do not like to make other people feel bad and hurt, they need to find a way in which they will use their creativity to protect themselves from the negative behavior of sociopaths.

One way is to counter-manipulate narcissists. They do this by avoiding them, and they do this in order to take care of themselves, it is not something to feel guilty about.

Also, they should not just sit and take everything into their hearts when sociopaths hurt them. Even though they do not like to talk back or revenge, it is probably high time to do something about this issue.

If you are a person that is a victim of a narcissist’s or sociopath’s behavior, you need to know that you are smarter than them.

You are grounded with enormous intellectual advantage, and you do not need to stay silent when someone treats you with disrespect. You need to learn how to fight back because you deserve love and respect.