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6 Parenting Tips To Raise ‘Good’ Kids

Parenting Tips To Raise ‘Good’ Kids (according to Harvard psychologists)

Nowadays, the times are very different than they were before. We can clearly see how advanced we are in comparison to our ancestors. An obvious example is the way our children are growing up. Those days when the kids were playing outside till the late evening are now in the past. Today, our kids are […]

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Is it Normal to Have Intrusive Thoughts?

Is it Normal to Have Intrusive Thoughts

Is it normal to feel anger, fear, or despair? Is it normal to fantasize and be obsessed? Is someone in our family drinking too much? When does sadness turn into depression? What is the meaning of those thoughts about the wife of a best friend? Here, in thе article, we are going to provide answers […]

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Hair-Pulling and Nail Biting May Affect Our Life More Than We Think

Hair-Pulling and Nail Biting Affect Our Life More Than We Think

A lot of people are not familiar with the term called body-focused repetitive behaviors or BFRBs? It involves activities like nail-biting, hair pulling, mirror checking, and skin picking. In other words, repeated actions linked to one’s physical appearance, or, damaging their body. These activities can interfere with one’s life – at home, work, school, and […]

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