25 Useful Inventions That Can Make Our Life Easier

25 Weird but Useful Inventions That Can Make Our Life Easier

The world is constantly changing, and people never cease to amaze me. We explore the outer reaches of space, we have Netflix and electric cars, and we’ve discovered the super-Earth LHS 1140b – the best candidate for extraterrestrial life so far.

But, sometimes little inventions make everyday life easier. We’ve gathered some of the most amazing little things that people around the world appreciate the most.

Some of them help to keep the planet a bit cleaner – and what’s more important than a clean planet?

Here are 25 genius ideas from people around the world.

1. A fountain that fills water bowl for dogs at the bottom

2. The water you use for washing your hands is used for the next flush.

Via Amazon

3. Help clean up the beach and you get a free coffee.

4. Spectacular and helpful traffic lights in Ukraine.

5. The best clearance sign ever!

Via Reddit

6. Step-by-step organized parts. Clever!

7. A brilliant idea to find the mountain you are heading to in Switzerland.

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8. Mat on the beach which provides safe wheelchair and stroller access.

9. Toothpaste with listed ingredients, their origin, and their purpose.

10. Press this far elevator call button and you won’t have to wait!

Via Boredpanda

11. A pill bottle that tells the time you’ve last opened it.

Via CptnBo

12. Finally no light!

13. You can kick the buttons of this elevator if your hands are full.

14. UPS truck with a see-through roof that doesn’t have to be lit during the day.

15. Little roads in a park in Copenhagen where kids can learn the road rules and practice riding.

Via MY2200

16. Safety fence & seat at the same time!

17. Longer-crossing time for seniors with just the press of a button.

18. A great way to avoid germs from door handles – is a door “toepener”!

19. How awesome are these airless tires?

Via 9_ar7k

20. Parents and kids can now share the same swing!

Via Bearat

21. Parking lines on the walls to make sure the drivers park correctly.

22. A built-in calculator on a shopping cart that will help you stick to your budget.

23. Don’t you love to have this USD which shows the free storage?

24. Get in shape while waiting in a laundromat!

25. Sheets that show what direction you should face them.

If you know of any other crazy invention in your area, feel free to share it in the comments.