6 Signs That Someone is Lying

6 Signs That Someone Is Lying to You

Can we spot when someone is lying? Although it’s ok to tell a white lie from time to time, lying all the time even when not necessary can be a sign we are dealing with a liar.

And, if that person is playing the game for too long, we won’t even notice they are lying. Of course, sometimes we can catch them lying, but not always.

So, how to know if someone is pulling the wool over our eyes?

Here are a few signs that will help you identify liars in your life.

1. These People Avoid Making Eye Contact with You

Believe it or not, liars can feel guilty when they lie. And, they feel uncomfortable looking you in the eyes while playing their game. It’s like they are afraid that you are going to see right through them.

So, the next time you talk to someone that might be a liar, watch where their eyes go. If they look you in the eyes without a problem, they are probably not lying. But, if they look away or at the floor, there’s a good chance they are hiding something from you.

2. They Are Nervous Around You

Liars tend to act nervous around the person they lie to, even if it’s about something small and insignificant. They could sweat profusely, talk faster, pace back and forth, or start blushing. Experienced liars, however, might be so used to lying that they don’t show these signs.

But, if you start asking them more questions, they would likely crack under the pressure.

3. They Appear As If They Are Troubled about Something

People who lie all the time don’t smile as often as those who live authentically. Their piles of lies make them feel like they have tons of bricks on their shoulders – that’s their conscience. They can’t keep this pressure for too long, so it must be revealed on their face.

If their face doesn’t show many emotions when telling something, it means that the lies are eating them up on the inside.

4. They get Defensive

Liars usually get defensive when you start interrogating them, but if they have nothing to hide, they won’t have reason to act in that way. If they are telling the truth, they will give logical explanations calmly.

But, if they hide something, they will feel pressure to justify their lies.

This leads to anger which can be seen when they cross their arms, ball their fists, when they get an enraged look in their eyes, and when they try to make themselves superior to you just to boost their ego.

5. They Change the Subject

Liars start to feel uncomfortable when someone mentions their lies. That’s why they try to change the topic quickly, and sometimes it’s too obvious. You can get frustrated by this sudden change of topic, but they will see it as funny.

6. They Try to Maintain Physical Distance from You

Deep down, liars are insecure and hurt, so they feel uncomfortable when being physically too close to the person they lie to. They try to avoid handshakes or hugs and can’t sit still, keeping a noticeable distance from that person.

In a way, they do this to protect themselves and not to get too much relaxed and accidentally spoil the beans.

Pay attention to these signs the next time you are talking to a potential liar.