Jealous Husband

Jealous Husband

Being involved with a jealous romantic partner is extremely hard. An insecure partner can be annoying, intrusive, irritating, and invasive. Well, one woman found a smart way to deal with her jealous partner. Here’s a really interesting story with an unexpected end.

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Jealous husband to his wife: “Honey where are you?”

Wife: I’m home.

Jealous husband: Are you sure?

Wife: Of course I am sure

Jealous husband: OK then, turn on the blender

Wife: Oh, OK! (turns the blender on) reeereereee

Jealous husband: Oh, fine then honey. See you later, bye.

Another day, the husband to his wife: Honey where are you?

Wife: I’m home.

Jealous husband: Are you sure?

Wife: Yes I am!

Jealous husband: Turn on the blender again

Wife: Ohh… (turns on blender) reereereee

Jealous husband: OK, bye love, see you later.

The next day, the jealous husband decides not to call but instead goes home without any notice. He finds his daughter home alone, and the jealous husband asks her: “Honey, where is your mommy?’

Daughter: Oh, I don’t know daddy, she went out and took the blender with her.