Harsh Truths About An Over-thinker With A Sensitive Heart

The Unpleasant Truth About Sensitive Over-Thinkers

People who overthink usually analyze everything, try to find meaning in everything and are all about the details. Over-thinkers know nothing about breaks, and they tend to be hard on themselves.

Being an over-thinker means that they pay a lot of attention to what people say, they take them seriously, and they want to understand what people say. That is hard, but being an over-thinker and having a sensitive heart is definitely much harder.

When you have a sensitive heart, you attempt to analyze everything that someone has told you without seeming like you are crazy. Seeing the world in just black and white is another unpleasant truth about over-thinkers with sensitive hearts.

These people do not know the middle, and they cannot just choose grey. Their feelings are either love or hate, happy or sad; there is nothing in between.

Some people may consider you as someone who is overly sentimental, overly emotional, overly nervous, over-analyzing, and overly romantic.

And, these sensitive over-thinkers are sad because of this, anyway, they need to realize that there will always be people who do not like us. If these people do not accept this fact, they will feel like outsiders.

Moreover, over-thinkers are in a constant struggle with themselves because they do not feel related to the people around them or the environment. That is the reason why these people are doing well when they work on their own.

Although they need love, they do not like to expose themselves to it a lot. They have a sensitive heart full of hope, and when they do not get the love they want, it may break them.

So, they end up shutting from the world in order to heal, and this happens even if the thing that broke them was not huge. Sensitive over-thinkers want to know the meaning of everything, pain, losses, and lessons.

They cannot live a life without finding all the answers they need. The Universe and these people share a special bond. At times, they feel a deep and strong connection, and sometimes they feel confused, they cannot understand the world.

Frequently, it feels to them that they are in a constant war against the Universe, and they do not know how to win. Sensitive over-thinkers tend to struggle with insomnia because their bed is the one place where they get haunted by their worst fears and thoughts.

Their bed is the place where many questions arise. Nonetheless, these people have some of the most amazing traits in this world such as art, uniqueness, and creativity.

Their special way of thinking may not be liked by many people. Because of their high emotional intelligence, they have honest, deep, and sincere relationships.