Why Do We Need to Cut the Ties with Toxic Family Members?

Why Do We Need to Cut the Ties with Toxic Family Members

We all know that the family bond is supposed to be unbreakable. But, in reality, there are some family members that you simply need to distance yourself from. Even if it means destroying that bond. Yet, for many people that is difficult to achieve.

Instead, they remain close to such people that end up compromising their emotional, physical, and mental health. For the sake of your happiness, it is time to cut ties with such toxic family members.

But, before you block one family member, it is important to know the signs. Here is how you can recognize a toxic person.

1. They Crave Drama

Whenever you turn to this particular family member for advice, they assure you that your secret is safe with them. But, the next day, your entire family knows your most vulnerable secrets. People like this feed on the drama they create. It is fun for them.

2. They Judge You

Constructive criticism is healthy and normal. But, constantly deteriorating someone’s image and self-esteem is unimaginable.

3. They Are Never There When You Need Them

Toxic people come to you whenever they need help. But, the moment you need something, they disappear.

4. They Lash Out At You

Toxic people always insult you, no matter what you did. Once you start ignoring their senseless attacks, they will eventually lure you into a trap. They will act positive and charming whenever they need support.

But, this positivity is short-lived. Individuals such as these are perfect manipulators. They will use you to their advantage and will put your mental health in jeopardy. In time, such people usually become abusive.

That is why it is crucial to cut ties with them. You don’t need such tremendous toxic influence in your life.

5. They Lie, Lie, and Always Lie

Even though you saw your family member do something terrible, they will never admit it. You might have proof, but they will engrave it in your mind that you are wrong. Whatever you saw that day, was something completely different.

If you don’t admit you are wrong, they are most likely going to become emotionally abusive. Such behavior is absolutely intolerable.

Also, there is a chance that people like this will make you fix their mistakes, especially if you are easy to convince.

How to Deal With a Toxic Person

Set boundaries. It is important that you recognize someone who is toxic before they completely take over your life. Learn their curve and never show uncertainty, sadness, or guilt in front of them. Do not sacrifice yourself for their needs.

No matter how willing you are to help, they will never thank you for it. Remember, the way you approach a toxic person is incredibly important. If they sense your weakness, they will abuse it. If you don’t cut ties with such toxic people, they will hurt you.

They will end up damaging your mental health and destroy you emotionally. Plus, a family member will never change. So, if there is someone who has all of these traits, they are probably a toxic person. Lastly, stay away from such people if you can.

Do not let them destroy your self-confidence. You are worth a million times more.