6 Things People Say to Drive Us Mad

6 Phrases Psychopaths Use To Make You Feel Crazy

Some people are excellent at pretending to be the person we want them to be. And, when they have nothing else to get from us, they act strangely. And, they are famous for making us feel like we are not good enough.  Here, we reveal the most common phrases that we may hear from them.

They are known as psychopaths. That’s right. The word ‘psychopath’ doesn’t necessarily refer to violence and serial killers and abusers like Ted Bundy and Hannibal Lecter. In fact, most psychopaths are usually not violent. They usually seem like innocent and unselfish people.

According to the book Psychopath Free, psychopaths are on the top of the list of social predators. They have no conscience, and they use their charismatic character to manipulate and get what they want from other people.

6 Things Psychopaths Say To Make Us Feel Crazy

1. ”I despise drama”

You may hear a psychopath saying this phrase to you although they are surrounded by more drama than anyone else. They tend to idolize people, say them how great they are, but since they get bored, this stops.

Psychopaths are eternal victims, serial cheaters, and pathological liars. And, sooner or later, you will notice these traits, and you will become confused.

When you react to their disastrous behavior, when you say how worried you are, they would use that phrase to make you feel bad.

2. ”You are an over-analyzer”

There are people who are over-analyzers for real, but with psychopaths it is different. You will see that you are always right for your overthinking.

The things they do are on purpose in order to make you feel insecure, for instance, they would flirt with some unimportant ex to make you jealous.

And, then, when you start asking questions, they will say that you are just over-analyzing everything. However, one month later, you will find out that they were cheating on you with that same individual.

Psychopaths adore making you feel anxious and make you doubt your own intuition, and in the end, they blame you for being worried.

3. ”You are too sensitive”

Psychopaths tend to provoke many emotions in you. They start with giving you compliments about how amazing you are, and then, they just pretend like you do not exist, and wait for your reaction.

Of course, when you do react to their behavior, they will just accuse you of being overly sensitive or even needy. These people will use insults to belittle you and criticize you in order to push your boundaries and make you speak.

So, they use your reactions to their behavior in order to make you seem like you are crazy. They are capable of turning a nice person into one with insecurities as well as self-doubt in just several weeks.

4. ”You are bipolar,” “You are in love with me,” You are bitter/jealous”

When things start going downhill very fast, psychopaths start using name-calling. They think that their colleagues, friends, and ex-partners are jealous, bipolar, bitter, crazy, or in love with them.

And, this becomes really crazy when they start contacting those people and causing chaos. Meanwhile, they put you in the same category, and that is an endless cycle.

5. ”You did not understand me”

Everyone in a healthy love relationship has misunderstandings and quarrels from time to time. But, being in a relationship with a psychopath is different.

They will say things they are aware of that will provoke you, and when you react, they just accuse you of not understanding them. Also, it happens very often for them to deny that they have said something, and this is gaslighting.

It is crazy when you have understood them, but they are just changing the story in order to make you feel insecure and even doubt your mental health.

6. ”You cannot live without me”

You need to understand that psychopaths are not after a healthy and happy relationship with you, they just want to have control over you. Even when you realize what they are doing, they will continue manipulating you.

They just want you to feel afraid to be without them; in other words, they want to make you feel dependent.

This seems scary, right? Well, the only way to avoid these people is not to be in contact AT ALL! And, this includes no emails, no Facebook, no texts, no calls.

If you contact them, they will always try to control you and make you doubt your sanity. Nonetheless, it is good that when they try to make you doubt your intuition, that means that your intuition scares them.

These people want to destroy anyone who may be a threat to their way to success. So, you should know that when these people start playing some games with your mind, you have already stepped into their way.

Please, take care of yourself, and do not let them ruin you, and remember, you are the one in control of your life.