12 Signs That Someone Is a Strong-Minded Person

12 Signs That Someone Is a Strong-Minded Person

As Thomas Jefferson said, a right mental attitude will help us achieve our goal, and on the contrary, having a wrong one means nothing in the world can help us. In other words, everything we do depends on our mental attitude.

Even though it’s not the only factor that determines our life, it has a great impact on our thoughts, feelings, and life quality. And, developing mental strength is not quick or easy.

It takes a long time and involves a daily practice of pushing yourself to maintain realistic optimism, grow stronger, and set healthy boundaries.

If you are a mentally strong person, you won’t give away your power to others, and you won’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself.

So, how to know if you belong to this group of people? Well, here are a few signs that will help you realize that you are mentally stronger than an average person, as explained by Business Insider.

You can also find interesting things about this topic in Amy Moring’s book called “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.”

12 Signs That You Are Mentally Strong

1. Balancing Emotions with Logic

Knowing that your emotions can affect your thinking is a feature of mentally strong people. They try to make a balance between their emotions and logic in order to make the best decision possible.

2. Productive Behavior

People who are mentally strong don’t waste time on unproductive activities like complaining about others, making excuses, and avoiding difficult situations.

3. Ability to Adapt to Change

These people are confident that they will adapt to a certain change, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Instead of focusing their energy on resisting the change, they focus it on adapting. They know that every change is tolerable, no matter how hard it is.

4. Facing the Fears That Hold You Back

Mentally strong people face the fears that hold them back. They do this because they know that’s the only way to move forward without being prevented by anything or anyone.

5. Learning from Mistakes

Instead of hiding or excusing their mistakes, mentally strong people learn from them. And, they remember the lesson for the rest of their life. Only in that way do they know they won’t make the same mistake ever again.

6. Balancing Self-Acceptance with Self-Improvement

One of the most prominent qualities of mentally strong people is their ability to accept themselves for who they are. But, they don’t stop their personal development here. Self-acceptance helps them realize how they can improve their personality even more.

7. Celebrating Others’ Achievements

These people are honestly happy when someone around them succeeds in something. That’s because they don’t see other people’s achievements as something that decreases theirs. They know that cooperation is more important than competing with those around you.

8. Living According to Your Values

Making decisions for mentally strong people is really easy as they know their priorities and values.

9. Constant Motivation for Improving Your Skills

Instead of showing off their skills, mentally strong people focus on sharpening them even more. That’s because they are always motivated to improve themselves instead of seeking validation or recognition from others.

10. Feeling Good About Yourself Even If You Lose

The self-worth of mentally strong people doesn’t depend on their success or failure. They feel good about themselves when losing and winning. That’s because they see their failures as opportunities for new achievements.

They know they will try to fix things and learn from their mistake not to repeat them in the future.

11. Realistic Optimism

Mentally strong people don’t let their positive side blind them to reality, although it helps them to always look on the bright side of life. This allows them to live happy life.

12. Gratitude

Mentally strong people are grateful for the things they have in their life, instead of complaining about things they don’t have. And, that’s the way to lead a happy life.

Otherwise, you’ll never be happy and satisfied as there will always be something that you’ll miss.

Do you agree that these are personality traits of mentally strong people? And, do you consider yourself as one of them? If you know any other characteristics of people who are mentally strong, please tell us in the comments and share them with your friends.

Note: this article is not intended to understate or disregard the struggles of people with mental illnesses. Living with a mental illness is hard to manage, so keep that in mind while reading the article.