16 Signs That Someone We Know is a Narcissist

16 Signs That Someone We Know Is a Narcissist

A person with NPD is someone who is self-loving, in need of constant approval, and someone who has zero regard for people’s feelings. All they care about is their own personal feelings.

They think they are superior and expect everyone else to do their bidding. According to the OBSERVER, males are more narcissistic than females.

On the outside narcissists look as if they have a huge amount of self-esteem.

But, deep down, they are not as confident as they look. Why? Because people with NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) can’t handle any form of criticism.

So, they usually resort to violence and anger. When they don’t get praised, they feel humiliated, ashamed, and furious.

Main Symptoms of Being Narcissistic

Do you think you know someone who is a narcissist? According to Mayo Clinic, these are the symptoms that can help you find the answer. If they have the following behaviors and thoughts, it is possible that they are a narcissist.

1. They think they are worth far more than people realize. Their sense of self-importance is magnified.

2. They always seek commendation and attention.

3. They never value others’ opinions and feelings. They think they are pointless.

4. They think they are superior, above everyone else.

5. They think they should only hang out with people of high status. In other words, they will only spend time with the people they feel are in the same league as them.

6. They always demand perfection from the people around them.

7. They believe they are entitled to everything.

8. They put others down to lift themselves up.

9. They exaggerate their talents and achievements.

10. They require special treatment.

11. They envy others and believe they are envious of them.

12. They exploit people for their own gain.

13. They are obsessive, especially in romantic relationships.

14. They believe they are the most powerful, intelligent, attractive, and successful people in the world.

15. They are extremely competitive.

16. It is all about them.

If you found someone in many of these thoughts and behaviors, it could mean that they are a narcissist who lacks emotional stability. Plus, they are a person who always expects others to match their own level of perfection.

But, because of their high standards and expectations, it is difficult for them to have a stable relationship. This is why you will find it difficult to function at work since they always set unrealistic boundaries for you and your co-workers.

There are also more serious signs of NPD that can include:

  • Mood swings
  • Abuse
  • Social isolation

What Causes NPD?

People believe this particular disorder occurs due to bad childhood experiences. If their parent was narcissistic, it is possible that they are trying to copy their parent’s behavior. Children raised by narcissists are more likely to suffer from:

  • Anxiety, anger, depression, and anxiety
  • Extreme self-consciousness
  • Unable to accept love
  • Inferiority complex
  • Low self-esteem
  • Neglect
  • Timidity
  • Physical and verbal abuse

This shows that parents can encourage their children to become narcissistic if they praise them too much. To know for sure if they are narcissistic or not, they need to visit a mental health professional.

They will verify if they meet the criteria of NPD by measuring their behavior through a series of questions and thought patterns.