3 Signs That Someone May Be a Psychopath

3 Signs That Someone Is a Psychopath

What are actual psychopaths really like? They are not people like Hollywood’s most famous psychopaths in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Silence of the Lambs. That’s good news. However, it means that you can’t spot them easily.

And, if you think about the fact that one in a hundred people is a psychopath, it’s pretty scary. You can’t know who that one psychopath from all those people around you is. It could be your co-worker, your doctor, or your neighbor.

But, researchers have agreed that most psychopaths share a few specific personality traits. Here are the traits that will help you spot psychopaths more easily and protect yourself from their evil behaviors.

3 Traits That Only Psychopaths Possess

1. Machiavellianism

These people are often well-liked and charming but on a superficial level. They may pretend to be interested or compassionate about something, but that façade wears off quickly.

Their priorities in life are power, winning, and money and they have no problem lying and manipulating people to get what they want. They disregard social and moral rules with little to no guilt. Sometimes they even do this for fun.

Their tools are deception, bullying, guilt, flattery, or feigned weakness to twist the behaviors and emotions of those around them.

2. Lack of Empathy or Conscience

Psychopaths lack social emotions like remorse, guilt, pity, and sympathy. That’s why they do a lot of things that others only dream about. They don’t have that brake pedal that prevents most people from realizing their wicked thoughts.

For example, when someone gets on your nerves, you may think that you want to punch them, but you don’t. That’s just a thought that comes to your mind. But, if psychopaths want to do that, they might actually do it.

3. Narcissism

Narcissists refuse to see the flaws in them but project them onto those around them. If they secretly worry they are jealous, they will accuse the other party of being jealous as a way to boost their own ego.

They love people who give them compliments as they want to be the center of attention. They don’t care about others; it’s always them! That’s why they can’t have healthy relationships or work in a team.

They want to be the best and have no problem walking all over everyone. They never accept the blame and apologize. Instead, they twist the story to make them look like the victim.


If some person has the combination of all of these three characteristics, it means they are most likely a psychopath. They are a blend of manipulation, egotism, and a lack of empathy.

However, possessing only one of these traits doesn’t make a person a psychopath.

To be real, no one who has either of these traits is someone you’d want in your life, but only those who have all of them are psychopaths.

We hope this article will help you recognize the psychopaths in your life and protect you from their evil personalities. Feel free to share it with anyone you like to protect from these people.

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