11 Signs That Someone We Know is An Extroverted Introvert

11 Signs That Someone We Know Is an Extroverted Introvert

How can we know if we’re an extrovert or introvert? Or maybe we can’t decide which of these two groups we belong to, so we are somewhere in between. Well, many of us think they possess traits of both personalities. In that case, we call them extroverted introverts.

These people are also known as ambiverts. Contrary to popular belief, introverts are not only shy but are also people who draw their energy from solitude.

In comparison,  extroverts recharge when being around large groups of people for a long time.

So if you are an extroverted introvert, it would mean that you enjoy being around others, but also need enough time alone to recharge. So, friendships could feed your soul, while crowds could drain you.

Ambiverts are quite unique, so here are a few things about them to better understand their personalities.

1. Extroverted introverts can be loud and friendly around their family and close friends, but quiet and thoughtful at work. It’s like you meet two different people.

2. These people like deep and thoughtful conversations, so don’t expect them to engage in small talks.

They don’t like to spend their limited social energy on meaningless chatter, so they will either try to change the topic into deeper and more interesting territory, or they will withdraw from the conversation.

3. Ambiverts enjoy spending time alone. It’s their way to recharge. However, just like anyone else they too don’t like to be lonely, which is different from being alone. If they want to go out, but no one calls them back, they won’t enjoy sitting at home.

4. If an ambivert is in a highly introverted mood, it’ll be challenging to get them out of the house. It could be just one day, but they need that alone time desperately, so nothing will change their mind.

5. If ambiverts are new somewhere, you’ll probably find them close to the only person they know, or in the back of the room.

6. Ambiverts have limited social energy, so they are selective when it comes to investing their social time and energy. This doesn’t mean they are snobs, but they just want to hang out with their closest friends.

That’s why they usually don’t want to hang out with new people, especially if they don’t feel a connection with them.

7. Sometimes extroverted introverts have a hard time keeping their friends. That’s because not everyone can understand they need alone time. So, appreciate your ambivert friend who does their best to spend enough time and energy for you and your friendship.

8. Extroverted introverts could be excited about hanging out with their friends on Friday night, but could also not answer their phone the next day.

It’s not that they are mad or something, but they could be lying comfortably in their bed watching their favorite TV series and having fun just like the previous day.

9. Some people think ambiverts are highly social, but others believe they are quiet. Once again, it all depends on the situation and mood of the person.

10. Sometimes they like to be the center of attention, but not for a long time.

11. Ambiverts like to leave a good impression and be noticed, but they don’t like compliments. They feel uncomfortable in such situations and can’t accept the compliment.

Appreciate the ambivert in your life as that person offers neither too much nor too little. If they have chosen to be your friend it means they truly like your personality, so be sure that their friendship is honest.

And if you find these personality traits in yourself, you should embrace them and be proud to have them.