9 Signs We’re Becoming The Person We Were Meant to Be

9 Signs You’re Becoming The Person You Were Meant to Be!

There is a time in life when we start feeling a bit different. Like we are still ourselves, but our attitude and behavior are changing. Although these changes might look scary, they are not. They are actually shaping us into the person we are meant to be.

They could also be uncomfortable, but remember, they will set you free!

9 Signs You are Becoming the Person You’re Supposed to Be

1. You Do Things Alone but Feel Lonely

You prefer to do things by yourself to avoid being someone’s burden. That’s because you become more mature and feel like you can handle everything without anyone’s help.

Although this can make you feel isolated and lonely, it also makes you feel independent and strong at the same time.

2. You Have Issues with Yourself

You are aware of your issues and the need to overcome them. It could be your mood swings, anxiety, trust issues, or panic attacks, but you know they are messing with your health and wellbeing.

So, you become aware of when and how those issues appear, and you try to find the best way to overcome them.

3. You Want to Cut Off Some Relationships

These are some random, unnecessary relationships with people you feel you don’t need in your life. You realize that you don’t need a lot of acquaintances, but a few honest friends.

Losing some “friends” made you feel guilty, disappointed, or sad, but you’ve realized that they were toxic and emotionally abusive.

4. You Can’t Trust Everyone

You started selecting your friends, but you also stopped buying everyone’s bulls*it. That’s because you were betrayed and disappointed a lot of times, so you now know how the world works.

But, you still have a few people you believe in for whom you’re willing to do everything to keep them in your life.

5. You Think Your Life is Boring

That’s because you’ve cleared the unnecessary drama from your life and all the toxic people that were driving you nuts. Also, you feel like you are doing the same things every day, so you want to achieve something more.

6. You Know How Sadness Really Feels Like

You’ve experienced many failures, disappointments, and broken hearts, so you know exactly how sadness feels like. But, you accept the fact that you can’t always be happy. Life is hard, but you’ve managed to learn a lesson from every mistake you’ve made.

7. You Feel Like You Don’t Have Enough Time for Everything

You’re always busy doing stuff, but you never have enough time to do everything you want. You even feel like you don’t have enough time for your family. This could mean you are focused on and determined to succeed.

8. You Constantly Look Back to Your Childhood and the Time Spent with Loved Ones

You miss your childhood and not worrying about anything. You always think about your family and loved ones and miss the time spent with them. However, you are aware that the struggles you go through will lead you to success that will make the people you love proud and happy.

9. You Feel Confused, Lost, and Anxious about Your Future

Although everyone sees you as a strong and bold person, sometimes you feel insecure about your future. You ask yourself what your life purpose is, and what you really need. But, the fears and confusion don’t stop you from finishing your responsibilities and tasks.

These signs mean that you are evolving as a person and on the way to become the person you’re meant to be!