She Smiles Brightly, But What Lies Behind That Big Smile?

She Smiles Brightly, But What Lies Behind That Big Smile?

A specific woman puts a bright smile on her face to fool the world. Why? She wants to hide what she really feels behind that big smile. She has a contagious smile, and her eyes are glowing. When people look at her, they think her life is perfect, that she has achieved all of her dreams.

However, everything is different when she is all by herself. She packs the smiles and puts them in a drawer and digs up the tears buried deep in her soul. To find her power in order to keep moving, she cries.

This woman weeps because of the pain in her body that never goes away. She sheds tears because no matter how hard she works, she can never earn enough. She cries because of the space in her heart that hurts her deeply.

Then, she smiles. She is happy with the love she gets from her beloved. She smiles because she gets to see every sunrise. Also, she smiles because she can see the beautiful moon every night. This woman is happy because she has realized her dreams.

She is positive that in the end, everything is going to be fine. This woman maybe your mother, sister, wife, as well as neighbor. Besides her imperfections, she always tries to be perfect. She meets other people’s needs before her own.

Even though this woman tries to hide behind the bright smile, she suffers from depression. In fact, high-functioning depression is a disorder that makes people’s life hard enough to mess with their daily chores.

Here is a list of signs that can help you notice if someone is suffering.

  • Irritability
  • Substance abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Neglecting things they used to care about
  • They feel as if they just waste their time
  • Negative Self-assessment

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