Can Our Eyes Reveal Our Personality?

According to Scientists Your Eye Color Reveals Your Personality

The eyes tell the truth. They are the window to the soul. Eye color makes them special and easy to read. In fact, color is a genetic feature that depends on the amount of melanin in the eyes. The eye’s iris is responsible for the eye color because it decides how much light will go through.

Researchers at Orebro University studied 428 subjects to determine if the irises were somehow connected to their personalities. They concluded that the color of our eyes is affected by exactly the same genes that form the frontal lobes. (1)

In other words, there are some shared behaviors in people who have similar-looking irises. According to Dr. Anthony Fallone, our eyes are closely linked neurologically to our brain.

You can even say that the eyes are the only part of the brain that you can see from the outside. That is why they could hold some important clues for understanding how the brain works.

Here is what people believe the color of their eyes can say about their personality.

1. Black Eyes

This eye color is very rare, and people who have it are responsible and trustworthy. They are excellent at keeping secrets, and in relationships, they are loyal forever. Also, they are hard-working and passionate about their work.

2. Brown Eyes

The medium brown color of the eyes is the most common in the world. These people are confident, positive, independent, polite, caring, and love new friendships. Also, these people are prepared to do whatever it takes for those they love.

And, they always try to find happiness in the little things.

3. Hazel Eyes

People who possess this eye color which is a mixture of green and brown, are fun, loving, and adventurous, and the everyday things make them bored. Likewise, they are unable to control their anger.

So, being in a relationship with a person who has hazel eyes, would not last long unless you are able to deal with them.

4. Grey Eyes

These people are born leaders. They are dominant and very confident. Also, people with grey eyes are gentle, caring, and passionate about their work. They always try to do their best in love. Their strength makes them winners in any situation.

5. Blue Eyes

This is a very vivid color that attracts attention. People who have blue eyes are energetic, and they always try to make other people happy. And, one more positive characteristic is their commitment and readiness to do whatever it takes for their partner.

6. Amber Eyes

People with this rare eye color are considered reserved, but warm. Getting to know them allows you to see that they are actually excellent conversationalists, and can easily get and hold attention. They are trustworthy, and they love the outdoors.

Some of the people may be compassionate, and gentle. And, some may be just mysterious and do not like a lot of people in their lives. However, they are passionate about life.

7. Green Eyes

These people are determined, firm, and have strong feelings. They are enthusiastic and energetic and love to live their lives to the fullest. Since green is a vibrant color, looking in green eyes may make you feel lost a little bit. One negative thing about these people is that they can easily become negative. Anyway, positivity always wins.

8. Violet Eyes

Although this eye color is rare, people who have it are noble and refined. Also, they are born leaders and in search of spiritual truth. They are magnetic, charismatic, imaginative, creative, and possess excellent visualization skills. And, many people with violet eyes are perfectionists.

9. Red Eyes

People who have red eyes, in fact, possess a rare eye color which is a medical condition. So, those who have it are often action-oriented, courageous, as well as aggressive.

So, what color are your eyes?