4 Reasons Everyone Should Start Spending More Time Alone

4 Reasons Everyone Should Start Spending More Time Alone

Some people tend to enjoy spending time alone. On the other hand, there are these people who hate the thought of being alone even for 10 minutes. But, what does it even mean to be happy or feel down when being alone?

A group of researchers from the University of Virginia found that most of the volunteers would rather administer electric shocks to themselves than be alone for 15 minutes. In fact, some of them couldn’t bear to be left alone even for 6 to 10 minutes, especially men.

What does this research tell you? Most people try to avoid alone time like the plague because they don’t know how to enjoy their own company.

But if they could only learn how to become their own best friend, they will improve their lives in ways they’d never imagined.

There’s no reason why you should dread spending time alone. On the contrary, you should be happy when you have a little time to devote to yourself. It’s the time when you will truly get to know yourself, your wishes, needs, and desires.

And, once you know them, you can try to pursue them, and only then you can become happy and satisfied in your life.

Here are several things that will change when you start enjoying your own company.

4 Reasons to Start Spending More Time Alone

1. You’ll Become a Stronger Person

Many people who have always avoided being alone never had the chance to learn how to love themselves. For some reason, they can’t stand being left alone with their own feelings and thoughts.

In a way, they decide to spend their lives running away from their true selves just because they are afraid of the things they’ll find. But, becoming aware of the best and worst parts of yourself can change the way you see yourself and others.

You will not only learn how to treat yourself right but also those around you. This will strengthen your character and make you more confident, so you’ll no longer be dependent on others for attention and love.

2. You’ll No Longer Be Afraid of Solitude

You have to start spending more time alone to learn how to enjoy it. Instead of fearing being alone, you will soon feel most liberated than ever. It’s the time when you don’t have to explain yourself or please anyone. It’s the time when you just exist and are happy to be alive.

If you don’t like the thought of just sitting at home alone, you can try spending some time in nature. You can do gardening, or you can have regular morning walks in the nearest park. Spending time alone means discovering your needs and desires.

It’s the time when you realize what you like and dislike. You can start drawing, coloring, or reading – whatever it means you are happy. In this way, you will discover your true self and you’ll no longer be afraid of being alone.

3. You’ll Improve Your Relationships

Learning how to be your own best friend will also teach you how to be the best friend and partner to others.

It will help you mend everything distant and disjoint within yourself, so you’ll stop seeing relationships with others exhausting. This will help you improve all relationships in your life.

4. You’ll Become More Independent

What’s better than freeing yourself from dependency and expectations from others? In other words, if you rely only on other people for companionship, happiness, safety, etc., you’ll be left with nothing once they leave.

That’s why you must realize that you already have all that in yourself. We don’t say you should isolate yourself from people, but to just stop depending on others for happiness and meaning in life.

Final Words

You can only learn how to be your best friend when you realize you have everything you need within yourself! Get to know yourself better, and you’ll become a stronger person and your life will become more meaningful!