7 Qualities of People Who Prefer to Be Alone

7 Qualities of People Who Prefer to Be Alone

What’s the first thing that comes to our mind when speaking about a person that’s said to be “a loner”? Are we imagining them to be hiding away somewhere plotting their next malicious deed, or maybe sitting in a dark room, all desperate and miserable?

If that’s the case, we don’t really know these people. In fact, we don’t know them at all. First of all, they are NOT LONELY, but they PREFER TO BE ALONE!

But why do they prefer to be alone than spend time with others?

It’s what makes them happy and fulfilled. Unlike others, they are extremely self-aware and are most in touch with themselves when being alone. You might be surprised, but they never feel lonely. It’s completely the opposite.

They enjoy spending time alone and have no need to be accepted, to be the center of attention, or belong somewhere. They are special introverted people who enjoy quiet time in the comfort of their own thoughts.

A lot of people have stereotypes and misconceptions about these individuals, referring to them as shy or without confidence.

But, the truth is these people are incredibly self-aware and have a huge understanding of themselves, which means they have a great deal of confidence.

Even though they are introverts, they know who they are and what they want from their life.

Here are several unique characteristics of people who like to be alone most of the time. If you have such friends you should be happy for having them in your life. These people choose carefully with whom they will spend the time they are not alone.

Personality Traits of People Who Prefer to Be Alone

1. They Set Firm Boundaries

People who enjoy spending time alone have healthy and strong boundaries. They understand their desires and know what they want. So, even if they are the last person on earth, they won’t feel alone. They will have themselves.

By recognizing their own boundaries, they will also respect those of others. And, if someone is about to cross theirs, they will surely let them know.

2. They Are Open-Minded

Although many people regard them as shy and antisocial, “loners” love new suggestions and ideas. They are open to new experiences, but they prefer to experience them alone and when they feel it’s right.

3. They Are Very Emotionally Strong

Being alone most of the time allows these people to realize their true nature and gives them time to deal with their repressed feelings. That’s why they have incredible emotional strength.

4. They Are Very Loyal

Even though these people like to be alone most of the time, they have a small circle of people they occasionally like to spend time with. And, they are one of the most loyal and reliable friends one can ever have.

They are willing to give an arm for their friend when necessary. This refers not only to their friends but also to their life partners.

5. They Value the Time of Others

“Loners” take their time seriously and don’t want to waste it. But, they also respect that of others. They will never take your time for granted and will always show up at the arranged time.

6. They Stand Up for Themselves

People who prefer being alone have the courage that others admire. They will always stand up for themselves in every situation, no matter how hard it seems.

That’s because they have huge self-respect and self-confidence, something that even the biggest extrovert could lack.

7. They Have Level-Headed Mind

These people have high awareness and could assess the severity of a problem, thus approaching it with a rational, calm, and level-headed mind. That’s why they can manage every situation, no matter how complicated it is.


If you know a “loner,” respect their choices and privacy and be glad to be part of their life as these people have some of the best qualities a person can have.