15 Useful Psychology Tips We All Need to Know

15 Useful Psychology Tips We All Need To Know

We are all different from each other. We are all unique. However, sharp-eyed psychologists are continuously finding new behavioral patterns that are thought to come from our childhood, and we could all have them.

So here we share psychology tips that people may find useful. Also, these tips may improve our communication skills and help us live an easier life. Check them out.

1. If You Want People Take You Seriously

When you tell something to people, you want them to take what you say seriously. To achieve that, you should tell them what your parent taught you. Humans usually believe the advice given by parents.

2. Be a ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ Star

If you want to win in this game, you should ask the other player some questions. They will get confused, and they will probably go with scissors.

3. Choose a Word to Reveal if Someone Likes You

If you want to find out if someone likes you, choose some word, and when the other person uses this word, you should smile and nod. If this person likes you, they will begin saying the word very often.

4. Make People Agree With You

When you want to make other people agree with you, you should nod while you are talking because that shows that you tell the truth. Also, according to social behavior patterns, people usually nod back.

5. Make Space in Crowded Subways

If you do not like crowded subways, you can make some space by looking right in front of you, in the direction you are going. People will give you the way.

When we are in places with a lot of people, we tend to look at their eyes in order to find out where they are going. And, we look the other way in order to avoid each other.

6. Forget a Song Stuck In Your Head

Probably it has happened to you to have some song that you do not like stuck in your head. So, you should think about the end of the song.

Zeigarnik’s effect says that we are prone to remember things that are left without an end. Well, thinking about how that song ends, will help you get it out of your head.

7. Make Your Kids Eat Broccoli

You should not ask your kids if they want to eat broccoli, but ask them how many broccoli stacks they want. You can use this trick in every other situation you need.

8. How to Know if Someone is Watching You

If you have a feeling like someone is watching you, you can yawn and just turn around. If that person is watching you, they will yawn too because yawns are contagious.

9. Make Your Friend Help You With a Box

If you want your friend to help you carry a box, you should talk to them while you are handing them the box. Most people do not notice when you are giving them something while you are talking.

But, there are people who are more attentive and may feel confused.

10. Promote Friendliness

When you know you are going to shake hands with someone, you should keep your hands warm because their warm hands are a sign of friendliness. On the other hand, having cold hands indicates the opposite.

11. Be a Great Listener

When your friend says something, say the same thing but make a paraphrase out of it. This is an excellent way to make this person think that you are an amazing listener. However, be careful not to exaggerate with paraphrasing.

12. Make Someone Help You

Since people do not like to feel guilty, they would help you if you ask them by beginning the question with the phrase “I need your help…”

13. How to Know if Someone Doesn’t Like You

When you are confused, ask this person to borrow you something, a pen for example. Usually, people do not help other people they do not like.

But, there are people who would do a small favor even to those who they hate. Anyway, they will realize that you are not a bad person.

14. Make Them Remember You

When you are in a job interview, and you want to stay in the memory of your interviewer, you should attend first or last. This way your interviewer will definitely remember you.

15. Make Them Give You A Proper Answer

If you have not gotten the proper answer, you should be quiet and maintain eye contact. They will probably give you a complete answer. If that is not working, raise your eyebrows to show them that you will not give up.

We hope that these tricks will help you a lot when you need them the most.