10 Powerful Psychological Tips Everyone Should Know

10 Powerful Psychological Tips Everyone Should Know

Our mind is more complex than we can ever imagine. It enables us to be different in our way of thinking and behaving. And, it’s the thing we should be focusing on every day, instead of concentrating on material things.

Even though the mental processes seem extremely complicated, they are actually set off by simple events. If you are able to spot these simple “happenings” you’ll understand these behaviors better so you can control and respond to them correctly.

We have gathered some of the best life hacks which can help you find your way through the continuous psychological minefield that makes up daily social interactions.

They might be simple, but also very powerful in ways that can help you deal with your everyday problems as well as help you associate with those around you.

10 Best Psychological Tricks You Should Know

1. The Meaning of Silence

Learn how to communicate through silence. You can do that by harnessing the power of silence. For example, when you get an unsatisfactory or impartial answer to your questions, stay silent and keep steady eye contact with the person answering.

If you learn how to communicate only through your silence, people will naturally believe they have to explain further, and they will.

2. Chew Gum

Chewing gum is a great way to make your brain believe you are eating. This is a great trick to reduce stress and fight anxiety, as eating is always good news for the brain. So, the next time you find yourself in a stressful situation, unwrap that chewing gum and start chewing.

3. Avoid Saying ‘I Believe’

When expressing your point of view on some topic, don’t state the obvious by saying ‘I believe’ and similar phrases. It’s obvious that you believe what you are saying, so why say it?

When not stating the obvious, people will see you as more convincing and confident. This will make them believe you more.

4. Watch When Laughing

This is a great trick to find out who feels the closest to whom in your group of friends. While you are laughing at something with your friends, see who’s looking at each other. A person will instinctively look toward the one they feel closest to during the laughter.

5. Behave the Way You Want to Feel

You probably know that your inner emotions affect the way you behave. The way you feel can be seen in your outward actions. But, this is a two-way street. The way you act can affect your emotions.

So, if you smile a lot, your mind will begin experiencing that emotion and you’ll be happier.

6. Be Confident

People don’t know everything, so you can make them believe you are confident even if you’re not. You just have to appear as such in front of them, and they will give you their attention and respect you. Try it out, and you’ll see it works.

7. Imagine the Interviewer Is an Interested Person

Don’t act and sound like you’re in a slaughterhouse during an interview. Instead, treat the interviewer as a close person you know and respect. Talk in a friendly and relaxed manner, but with respect.

And, try to sound natural. For example, imagine them to be your favorite uncle or aunt. The effect is amazing.

8. Eye Contact

If you want someone to get close to you try to maintain eye contact with them. This is a powerful tool that can draw the person you’re interested in closer to you.

9. Sit Close to The Person That Intends to Scold You

People don’t feel comfortable when they have to scold someone that stands close to them. So, if you expect you’ll be reprimanded by your boss at the next meeting, sit right next to them.

10. Get Someone to Do You a Favor

When you want someone to do you a favor, first, ask them for something bigger – a favor they will likely refuse. Once they refuse it, it’s time for the thing you really want from them. And, point out that this favor is so much less than the first request.

In this way, you have more chances to get someone to do you a favor. This is a common trick among salespeople.

Use these psychological tricks every day to make your life easier.