Pros and Cons of Highly Sensitive People

Pros and Cons of Highly Sensitive People

Even if being highly sensitive is mostly a good thing, it can affect one’s happiness, health, and success. Very sensitive people have a better understanding of people’s needs and desires. But sometimes their deep feelings can complicate relationships.

Very sensitive people have very specific and unique observable behaviors. Here are some of them.

1. They Are Overwhelmed When Someone Observes Them

Very sensitive people perform the best when they are alone. But, if someone starts observing them, they immediately fail at their task because they perform badly under pressure.

Even if no one is pressuring them, they create this feeling in their mind and think that others are judging them. That is why sensitive people are better at their work when they are working in private.

2. They Retreat When Things Get Too Complicated

Sensitive people love spending time in their room by themselves. They need this silence to recuperate and recharge, especially after a long and exhausting day. But, when things get too dramatic, they always retreat.

3. Noise Is Very Chaotic for Them

Very sensitive people hate constant buzzing, noise, activities, too powerful smells and sounds. That is why they avoid such chaotic environments.

4. They Become Anxious When They Have a Lot to Do

When they have too many different things, sensitive people find it difficult to stay on one task. They become immensely stressed and not very productive.

5. They Know When Other People Are Feeling Overwhelmed

Very sensitive people know if someone else is not feeling comfortable. They sense their anxiety and can help others.

6. They Hate Violence

Sensitive people can’t stand violent video games, movies, and the media. That is why they often avoid watching action or horror movies and choose to watch romance and drama instead.

7. They Are Inspired by Arts

Sensitive people love visiting the art gallery and listening to good music since it stirs up their creativity and deep emotions.

8. They Hate Loud Noises

Firework displays and noisy concerts are not their ‘thing’. They hate the noise, so they decide to spend their time at home.

Cons and Pros of Being Very Sensitive

Many people believe that very sensitive people are most likely to become anxious and depressed. But, others believe that people like this are incredibly conscientious. They can spot some details that other people may overlook.

Plus, they are incredibly creative and care deeply for others. If you are a highly sensitive person, it doesn’t mean that you have a disorder you have to fix. On the contrary, it means that you care deeply for others.

However, you should be more aware and careful of others. They may look like they want to be your friend, but in the end, they may hurt you. So, be careful who you open up to and who you want to help. Other than that, there is nothing wrong with you.

There is nothing that you should change about the person you are. All you should do is take care of yourself and try not to get hurt by others.