A Good Philosophy: “Do No Harm and Don’t Tolerate Any Nonsense”

A Good Philosophy “Do No Harm and Don't Tolerate Any Nonsense''

As most people already know, what we give is what we will receive. When someone is friendly and respectful to us, we should be too towards that person. Anyway, if someone is rude to us, we should give them a one-time pass.

But, if they are disrespectful again, then we should show them that we will not tolerate any rudeness. We are all human, and we have all been through tough days. We have all been sick, tired, exhausted, stressed, etc.

On these days, it is hard to be on the best behavior. In addition, we have all been unkind at some point in our lives. Also, we have been affected by someone’s bad behavior as well.

Frequently, those people who tend to be unkind are the ones who need generosity the most. Sadly, because of their behavior, often, they cannot get what they really need.

When we are encountered with many negative experiences, we often start thinking about these behaviors, and we emphasize kindness. And, when people treat you with disrespect it is not because you were rude, but it may be a result of someone’s bad day.

It may happen for you to find yourself in a situation in which someone has had a really difficult day, so you are the one who will receive all the negative energy.

However, if we focus on kindness and attentive living, we can keep strong personal boundaries. But, we need to treat other people with respect. Being kind to others and yourself is equally important. We should not hurt other people, but we should not let others harm us as well.

Many may like this last sentence, but they know it can be hard to realize it. Although it is difficult to put it into practice, there are ways that can help you.

You need to learn these ways (we learned them from Elephant Journal) because the world is full of toxic people that can really drain your energy.

1. Raise Your Voice

Instead of keeping everything to ourselves, and just letting everything to make us feel bad, we need to raise our voice. We need to tell people that some of their actions are simply unacceptable.

For instance, when a colleague of yours cuts you off in the middle of your sentence, instead of being calmly angry, you should tell them that you will talk when you are finished with what you were saying.

Nonetheless, if this tip is not successful, you can ask your colleague to come aside and tell them that no matter how close you are, you do not think that interruptions and cruel comments are acceptable.

When you speak quietly, you do not harm others, but when you speak up, you are clear that you cannot tolerate everything.

2. Do Not Stoop Down to Their Level

Instead of giving a response in the same disrespectful way, we should find a calm way to explain our boundaries. For instance, if it happens for someone to use abusive language towards you, you should not respond the same way.

You should not be passive-aggressive, but instead, you should find a way to tell them what you tolerate, and what you do not tolerate. Since it is easy to tell a telemarketer that we are not interested in buying a product in a calm way, it is easy to do the same with other people.

3. Deal With Anything That Bothers You

When you are in a situation in which you have noticed a type of behavior that violates your boundaries, you should learn how to deal with it.

There are two options, one is to respond in a kind way, and the other is to put an end to that connection, or just avoid seeing them. Sometimes, you will need to remove some people from your life in order to have a peaceful mind.

This way, we do not harm anyone, but also we do not accept bad things from anyone.

4. Learn and Use the Word ‘NO’

Do you know that ‘no’ is also a word? You need to learn to use it without giving an explanation. By saying ‘no’ we protect our energies, and do not let people harm us.

Of course, this is not a full guide, but these four tactics may help you a lot in controlling your emotions. This way we are becoming more responsible for ourselves and the relationships we have with other people.

Remember, you can still be kind to others. Actually, when we learn how to save our energy instead of wasting it on anger and frustration, we can be more generous to others.

So, when being with people who respect us, we are capable of living lives with more positivity, happiness, and joy. We hope that this article will help you in dealing with people who do you harm.