Do We Experience a Shift in Consciousness Without Noticing?

All People Worldwide Experience a Shift in Consciousness Without Noticing

In consciousness, there is a shift occurring which is a part of the intentional evolution by humans. Being aware of our thoughts, we can shape our reality in many distinct ways.

As Buddha said, our thoughts define our reality, and they show the power of consciousness assisting the general evolution of the transpersonal consciousness of humanity. Also, we are able to go on with our personal and transpersonal evolution till we become totally educated as well as self-realized.

Our ability to be aware of our thoughts makes us capable of becoming a part of the evolution of the related transpersonal consciousness of humanity.

If one compares people from ten thousand years ago with contemporary people, one can see there are higher levels of consciousness. This higher consciousness has been achieved after some elemental psychological and physiological needs have been satisfied and experienced.

Back in the 1960s happened a big evolution of people’s consciousness, so we were able to make steps towards accomplishing the supramental transformation of people. (1)

With the ability to experience higher levels of consciousness, we can affect our individual consciousness shift, and we help the shifting of the worldwide consciousness.

Through the practice of meditation, we are able to improve our feelings of compassion, empathy, and happiness. Also, we get a better connection with family and friends. These changes are necessary for the evolution of people’s consciousness.

Furthermore, people often experience overload, stress, exaggerated stimulation, and psychological and physical issues, and that is what increases the importance of heart-based living.

We could say that the framework mechanisms are developed in such a way in which the interconnectedness and oneness (elements of reality) are the most significant parts that benefit the supermind.

Since these elements of reality are so important, it seems as if they have a direction set up in the processes that lead to expressions of consciousness. We are talking about the heart-based way of life.

According to this heart-centered lifestyle, we are all one, and one is all. This way, we heighten the levels of compassion, love, and empathy. The processes of evolution have the purpose to strengthen and intensify the reality aspects.

We can see proof of this in the sphere of incoherence as well as coherence. In fact, incoherence means when people feel stress, anxiety, uncertainty, fear, and overwhelm, and that causes stressful responses.

The brain and the heart are disorganized and they result in a lack of solutions to individual and world issues. So, the heart and the brain’s electromagnetic fields register the negative emotions which produce global stress and incoherence.

Moreover, mass media reports of situations such as economic problems, natural disasters, and many other negative things, increase the levels of stress and incoherence. Since incoherence has bad outcomes, we can see that coherence is what the process of conscience evolution prefers.

So, when we feel compassion, care, and hope, our heart transfers peaceful as well as coherent signs to our brain. This way, oneness, and connectedness take the place of feelings of distinctiveness and loneliness.

When the brain and the heart are in good organization, there is peace and harmony. As a result, we are able to find solutions to problems, perceive wholeness, and have our higher cortical functions improved.

As well, positive emotions like compassion, hope, care, appreciation, etc. produce a coherent wave that reaches everyone in the world. So, we can reach a level in our lives at which we would be able to find solutions to many world problems.

While you are reading this article, you are getting closer to becoming aware of the connection between consciousness and reality. We are all living in the same world, and we are all affecting each other, so why don’t we do it in a positive way?

We have the gift of choice, so we should use it wisely. Let’s make this world great.