9 Signs that Someone Could Be Mentally Strong with a Sensitive Soul

9 Signs That Someone Is Mentally Strong with a Sensitive Soul

What exactly does it mean to be a mentally strong person? Well, it means to perceive reality for what it really is, and an ability to manage the emotions about those perceptions in a productive and healthy way.

You can tell if someone is mentally strong by just observing what they do and what they don’t.

A lot of people think to be a mentally strong person means to be cold-hearted, distant, and reserved. But, the truth is a bit different. Actually, it can be quite the opposite. Many strong people are extremely sensitive.

That’s right; you can be both mentally strong and highly-sensitive person.

Here are a few characteristics of these exceptional people, so see if you can recognize yourself or someone you know.

9 Signs Someone Is Mentally Strong and Highly Sensitive

1. They Don’t Let People Get Away with Bad Behavior

Mentally strong people see when something is not right and they do something about it. They let people know when someone is insensitive or treating another person badly. They aren’t afraid to stand up to people who are wrong or cruel.

2. They Are Good Listeners

These people are always there to lend an ear to their friends whenever they are angry or upset. Everyone knows that they are good listeners who truly care about their loved ones and give their best to help them.

People know that they can always count on them when they just need someone to listen.

3. They Are Fiercely Protective

When someone insults or threatens their loved ones, these people are there to fight for their honor. They stand up for them against anyone as they don’t want anyone to mess with the people they care about.

4. They Can Cut People Out of Their Life

If someone really hurts these people, they have no problem to cut them out of their life. They can’t stand someone who’s only interested in themselves.

5. They Need Time for Themselves

That’s because mentally strong and highly sensitive people are always there for others to hear them and help them in any way they can. They can become overwhelmed with people’s problems, so they need some alone time to recharge and become their strong self again.

6. They Are Not Attention Seekers

These people are not desperate for attention. They know who they are and what they want, so they don’t need anyone’s attention or approval. But, if sometimes the spotlight falls on them, they won’t seek it out.

7. They Are Not Afraid to Talk about Their Feelings

These people are never ashamed of their feelings. They can open up about their feelings with their closest ones as they know emotions are part of being human.

8. They Are Picky about Their Friends and Partners

That’s because they want to spend time only with people they care about and who care about them. They can’t stand fake people, so they usually have a few close friends although they enjoy being around people.

9. They Are Vulnerable and Get Hurt Easily, But No One Knows It

Sometimes, criticism from their boss or misunderstanding with a co-worker can bring them down and unsettle them very deeply. But, no one would notice, unless they want it.

Even though they can handle every situation no matter how hard it is, they are highly sensitive, so they do get hurt sometimes.

So, did you see yourself or someone you know in these signs? Being mentally strong and highly sensitive is possible, and everyone who has this personality should be proud of themselves!