“I Love My Look In The Mirror, But Not In A Selfie” – Why Is This So?

Each morning we are getting ready to leave our home and go to work. We dress up in front of the mirror, and we want to look great, so we change things until we get that wanted appearance.

It is the same when it comes to selfies. You take a lot of selfies until you get the one where you look amazing. Anyway, the problem is when you look in the mirror and you like yourself, and then you take a selfie and you do not like what you see at all.

The way you look in front of the mirror and the way you look in a selfie is completely different, and that is annoying. But, why is that happening? Why do we look good in the mirror but not in selfies?

Looking yourself in a mirror makes you feel like you are addicted to watching yourself in a reversed way. While you feel that the opposite face is yours and real, it is not. Your face is not inverted.

So, when you watch yourself in this way you see your imperfections, and you get used to it. But, what is the thing that is different when you take a selfie? Since selfies are not flipped, we feel that the picture is odd, and we believe it is not real.

In fact, selfies do not lie, but the mirror does. Do you want to find out your imperfections? Well, do not look in the mirror, but take a selfie because the camera will always tell the truth.

That is why numerous people do not like taking photos and they tend to edit them. Also, people do not like the reversed photos of themselves.

It is important to remember that in the world there are no people with perfectly symmetrical faces. The symmetry defines just the various hairstyles people have, the moles they have or do not have etc.

The inverted photo is not the one you want it to be, so you do not like yourself. When you take a selfie with a friend, you say “Oh, you look gorgeous, but I do not like myself,” and you say this because you are not used to seeing yourself in that way.

We are all beautiful in one way or another. Remember, you do not look ugly, you are just not used to seeing your real face.