Why Loners are Loyal and Intellectual People?

Learn Why Being A Loner Means You Are A Loyal And Intellectual Person

Most of us are trying to be part of the crowd, to fit our interests, styles, and attitudes. But, there are always people who will never choose that. They are not afraid to be different, and they would miss out on many things they don’t like.

Many times people confuse being lonely with loners, but people should know that those are totally different things. Loners usually choose to be alone, and they are not feeling lonely.

So, if one of your friends is a loner, then, you should be happy about that. These people are not self-centered, but they are realistic about themselves and are really down to earth.

That is why they always think twice before choosing a person to be their friend. Loners are excellent analyzers, and often, they find themselves in healthy and deep thoughts when they are alone.

These people do not like gossip and shallow topics, and that is why they tend to avoid people obsessed with these things. Their intellectual approach toward life is of big help to understand those around them.

There is not just one type of loners, there are two: introverted and extroverted. They have different behavior, and they choose different people to hang out with. Anyway, they have the same preference for people.

The introverted loners are usually overwhelmed by crowded places, and they would always choose a relaxing and quiet place. A small number of people they feel comfortable with is what they prefer for spending quality time with.

You will not see them at parties and concerts. Also, they do not like being around arrogant or intense people. So, having an introverted loner as a friend means they like being in your company, and they like people who can relate to emotionally and intellectually.

On the other hand, extroverted loners find it very easy to communicate with anyone. They find it easy to establish rich and healthy communication with people, and they feel comfortable in a crowd.

Nonetheless, they choose to be loners because they do not like hanging out with just anyone. So, they prefer being alone instead of being surrounded by fake people who have shallow minds.

Even though they are easy to talk to, they would keep their distance with reserve. You should know that if you have a friend who is an extroverted loner, you have passed many tests you do not even know about, and, you will have them as your friend for eternity.

Introverts and extroverts appreciate genuine emotion and intellect. These people would never easily make friends with numerous people. But, this does not mean that they have no friends at all.

It means that they will always choose their friends wisely. So, people who are by their side are trustworthy and loyal friends, so they are prepared to put their trust in their friendship.

Anyway, if you have them as friends, it does not mean that they will always forgive you when you make a mistake. If you fail them, you will lose them.

Make sure to be completely sincere and honest in every situation if you want to keep your friendship forever. So, are you a loner, or maybe you know someone who is one?