The Link Between Verbal Abuse and Anxiety That No One Talks About

The Link Between Verbal Abuse And Anxiety That No One Talks About

Anxiety and long-term mental abuse are closely related. When someone goes through a lot of stress and trauma, over time, they develop a mental disorder, and anxiety is the most common (1)

There is disgrace concerning verbal abuse, so there are a lot of people that see it as something that is okay to do.

However, you need to know that yelling, insulting, and disrespecting someone may lead to harm to that individual who is being affected. In fact, verbal abuse is as harmful as physical abuse.

The Worst Form of Abuse is Verbal

When we are talking about verbal abuse, we are talking about both real-life and cyberbullying. Any form is damaging, and science says that it has an impact on both hemispheres of the brain.

When a person is verbally abused since they were a child that results in a lot of problems.

Verbal Abuse is the Same as Mental Abuse

Since someone is abused their emotional state verbally is being affected, harming their self-esteem, both mental and verbal abuse is the same thing. Sadly, these traumas have a negative impact on a person’s overall mental health, and this thing no one wants to experience.

If you have experienced it, you know that it can totally influence your life, and it can interfere with your relationships as well as work. Below we offer you some symptoms you should know, and if you notice that someone is experiencing them, you should help them.

1. Short-Term Symptoms

  • Overthinking;
  • Low self-confidence, and lack of enthusiasm;
  • Unable to make decisions.

2. Long-Term Symptoms

  • Anxiety;
  • PTSD;
  • Depression;
  • Chronic pain;
  • Eating disorders;
  • Suicide;
  • Digestive problems;
  • Migraines.

How to Notice Verbal Abuse

1. Where No One Can See

Many people are being abused where people cannot see. This can happen at home, at school, or even at work. Thinking that no one can know, people choose these places to abuse other people. And this may lead to serious trauma and harm to a person’s health.

2. Unappreciation

People who abuse other people tend never to appreciate what others are doing. Abusers never think that whatever someone does is good enough. And, when a person is abused this way, they feel emptiness and feel like they do not have a purpose.

3. Name Calling

Abusers tend to use name-calling in order to manipulate other people and give them orders. Like others abuses, this is also a harmful one.

4. Mood Killer

When someone feels good, abusers feel like they are losing control. So, they choose that moment in order to make that happy person feel bad again. They feed off of the unhappiness of others.

If you have a person like this in your life, you need to be careful and never let them achieve their aim.

5. Attack Someone’s Interests

People who abuse usually attack someone’s interests, hobbies, and other things they like. When someone experiences this kind of attack, they begin thinking they are not good enough, feel worthless, and may end up lying about such things.

6. Abusers Are Always Right

Unfortunately, abusers tend never to apologize or admit they have done something bad. They think of themselves as the best of everyone, and they are the ones that are always right.

If you know someone who you cannot talk with because they do not want to discuss things that person may be an abuser.

7. Isolation

People who are being abused usually avoid social situations in order to keep themselves safe from abuse. If they are around people, they feel uncomfortable and feel anxious. The root of this problem comes from low self-confidence.

You need to talk to this person and ask them how they are feeling. Also, remember that you would make a big difference if you notice someone with this issue, and talk to them. You may help them a lot.

8. Blame

People who abuse, usually blame others for everything. So, the abused individual begins to think they are worthless and not good. This can seriously damage their health.

9. Jokes

Although making jokes at someone’s expense seems fun, it needs to be done with permission as well as consent. Otherwise, it may end up hurting the other person, and they may feel worthless as well as frustrated.

We hope that after reading this article you will become more aware of verbal abuse, and you will be more careful and start noticing things around you.

Make sure to pay attention to your beloved one’s behavior because if you notice something strange in their behavior, you may help them before things go worse.