The Lack of Order in Our Life May Be a Sign of High Intelligence

The Lack of Order In Your Life May Be a Sign of High Intelligence

If someone belongs to the messy people, they should know that the lack of order in their life may be a result of their absent-mindedness. But, there are a lot of people like that.

Even though their clothes may be all on the floor, they are still able to find everything that they need whenever they need it. In fact, they are accustomed to that way of life and mess.

According to tidy people, sloppiness leads to mistakes, and tidiness is essential for success. You may clean up regularly, but it is tidy only for one day. Of course, after a busy and long day, you do not like to spend a few hours tidying your home.

Although the things in your home are not all tidy, it does not mean that you cannot live like that. Simply, that mess works for you. We learn from Time Magazine that Eric Banker says that this messiness may determine your intelligence. (1)

According to Steve Johnson’s book, the busier brain you have, the more ideas you get. In order to prove a point, Barker makes a comparison between big cities and small towns. Big cities are more innovative than small towns.

Why is this so? Barker explains that in the crowded cities and metropolises, there are many people who offer different ideas that lead to increases in innovation. So, when you compare your brain to a big city, you can see that your busy mind offers more ideas.

In addition, Johnson suggests that if you engage your brain in many hobbies, then, your brain keeps working efficiently. Also, he explains that working on many projects at the same time provokes new thoughts.

When you are multitasking, you can borrow tools from one discipline to solve issues in another. This is much better than just focusing on one particular way of thinking. Barker also says that when the day is over, you want to have a lot of ideas.

If this sounds hopeful, we can see it from a different perspective. Barker has a personal blog (2) in which he references the work of Johan Lehrer who says that many ideas lead to productivity.

In fact, it could be provocative for disorganized people to learn that criticism and debate stimulate ideas. Even though often, people think that messiness prevents them from having clear thoughts, Lehrer suggests that disorganization stimulates people’s creativity.

Some people that have messy desks may be able to think more widely, and the complicated things are always on time and have a much better result.

It looks like messy people are capable of doing well in chaos, and if they learn to have control over their qualities, they would be able to do incredible things.

Actually, the lack of order may help to confront any obstacles in your life and prepare you to have a great approach when the situation requires you to. Likewise, the disorderliness in your life can help you stay calm and concentrated on your objectives.

It is time to stop being ashamed or intimidated when people criticize the way you live. Instead, celebrate your messy life especially if it makes you more creative and efficient.