Why are Kind People Not Always Happy People?

Why Are Kind People Not Always Happy People

Everyone enjoys hanging out with a kind person. The soul of these people is one of the most beautiful and exciting to be around. And what’s not to love? Their patient and giving nature, soft voice, and smile make them look like the happiest people in the world.

But, they may not be as happy as we think. In fact, they can help people while experiencing worries we can’t imagine.

This is why being kind and helpful to others doesn’t make you a happier person.

6 Reasons Why Kind People May Not Be Happy

1. They Overthink It

Intelligent people are at risk of depression, and those who are kind are usually intelligent. One of the reasons for this correlation is because kind people always think of some problem that needs to be fixed.

They think about all the people who need help, the current geopolitical problems, and that drug addict they see on the streets every day, thinking why s/he doesn’t stop using and get proper help to return to his/her family.

In other words, their brains go into overdrive when not helping someone actively. Overthinking is a tricky rumination that causes difficult problems for many kind people.

2. Getting No Self-Satisfaction

Self-care is not a strong side of kind people. Instead, they only want to give more, do more, and offer help to others instead of helping themselves. But, they must first take care of themselves to be helpful to others.

3. Making Sacrifices

Kind people make a lot of sacrifices to extend themselves. They sacrifice time with family, work, time with friends, relaxation time, sleep, food, and a lot of other essential things just to help others.

But, to help others, they have to help themselves first by dedicating enough time to their needs. Usually, they realize how many sacrifices they’ve made only after reaching the breaking point.

4. Expecting Fair Treatment

These people are constantly giving and giving until they reach the point of unhealthy exhaustion. Even though they are innately givers, the world doesn’t function as they do. So, they often end up being disappointed by the selfish and unkind people that exist in the world.

5. Giving Too Much

Kind people often give too much help that they can afford. So, you can see them making huge credit card purchases and running up huge bills just to help a person in need, regardless if that’s some family member or a random person with cancer.

But, this leaves them exhausted, and when it’s their turn to get help from others, no one comes.

6. Existing Desires

Just because kind people help others, doesn’t mean they’ve lost their own dreams and desires. While spending most of their time helping and spreading their kindness to others over the years, they are moving further and further away from their dreams.

Do you think you’re a kind person, or perhaps you know someone who is? Think about these things and how they affect your health and wellbeing.

Even though being kind is a good thing, you should also think about yourself and spend some time on your own needs and desires. Maybe it’s time for a change!