Introverts Hate Small Talk, Not People

Introverts Hate Small Talk, Not People

Many people live convinced that they don’t like other people. Usually, some teenagers that feel that way believe that socializing is simply not for them, and they have to get used to living without many people around them.

Whenever there is a party or a school celebration, they often have to go since they are invited. After all, there is nowhere left to hide. While they are at the party, the inevitable comes. They are forced to have small talk with other people, mostly teens.

This small talk is often horrifying for them. The problem is that most people believe the problem lies in other people. As a result, they believe they hate other people and should avoid them at all costs.

The more they grow up, the more they start believing that they are not a ‘’people person’’.

What About Animals?

People that hate shallow socializing believe they hate other people and prefer animals. That is why they often avoid parties, crowded events, or social gatherings. If you think you hate shallow socializing, know that you are not alone.

There are countless people who also feel the same.

The Perfect Coping Mechanism

Introverts use this as an excuse or a coping mechanism to avoid this most uncomfortable social situation. In fact, they will use every imaginable excuse to avoid the awkward small talk. They hate it so much that they would do anything else but that.

Introverts Hate Shallow Socializing, Not People

The fact is that introverts don’t always want to be alone. They simply hate shallow socializing. Since it is difficult for them to find new friends, they are often terrified of the first encounter. Here are the things that usually go through their mind:

  • Can they notice that I’m nervous?
  • Will they judge me?
  • Will they hate me or like me?

There are a million things that go through their mind in the middle of the conversation. That is why they can’t be themselves and is difficult for them to find the right words. So, instead, to go through all this, they decide to avoid such events altogether.

How to Make a Balance

There is no way you can stay at home all the time. You should know what is good for you and do it. For example, you might not want to go to the gym, since there are a lot of people there, but exercising is good for your health.

So, you should include it. In other words, some social encounters are necessary. We just have to deal with them. The moment you overcome your fear, you will be able to deal with all that uneasiness.

Plus, in the end, it will be absolutely worth it. Of course, everyone has a comfort zone. But, we sometimes have to leave it to become stronger and reach for the positive things in life. After all, you might meet new amazing friends and even someone who you will love.

In the end, introverts feel the most comfortable when they are alone. They are not bored. In fact, they enjoy being alone. This is something most extroverts might not understand. That is why when they decide to socialize, it becomes a long-term goal.

But, to reach this goal, they have to go through a couple of shallow conversations with a lot of people. It may seem challenging, but it will be worth it in the end.