Is Heyoka The Most Powerful Type of Empath?

Why Is Heyoka The Most Powerful Type Of Empath

An Empath is an individual who is able to understand the emotional state of people. Empaths have traits such as aversion to big groups, low threshold for stimulation, sensitivity to smell, light, sound, and need for alone time.

Moreover, the Empaths are mostly introverts, although they can be extroverts.

They love quiet environments, nature, and their rich inner life. Also, they have a desire to help others. As a matter of fact, there are different kinds of Empaths and many levels of abilities and gifts.

But being an Empath and being an Heyoka are not the same, the Heyokas are different.

More About Heyoka

There is actually little info about the Heyoka Empath. But you should know that this is indeed the most potent type of Empath. Heyoka, also known by the name “Sacred Clown” is a term that is Native American and which has been poorly translated to “Clown or Fool”.

However, this unfortunate translation doesn’t give justice to the actual meaning of the term. To act in a different manner, backward, and the opposite of what is thought normal provides a more precise understanding.

The Great Mirror

The spirit of the most powerful type is the Great Mirror. Once you make a connection with a Heyoka, what you will see in these people will show you what you need to work on in order to evolve on a spiritual level.

Their mirror is one of emotion, and how you react to them is their guidance that reflects back to you.

For instance, after being with Heyoka, you might feel love and what the Mirror does is that it’s indicating the path of self-love. Or you might feel anger or feel that the Heyoka is angry, but the Mirror is suggesting the need to be humble.

The Traits of a Heyoka

You should know that the traits of a Heyoka are defined by your energy. It’s how you process your emotions and interact with reality.

Some of the traits are being born breached which means to come into the world backward by appearing younger than age and doing some things backward, or being dyslexic that is thinking backward.

As a matter of fact, this is something you don’t actually claim to be. A person who is Heyoka can identify another Heyoka when they feel the energy. This is a deep understanding of how emotions and sensitivities interact with one another.

Moreover, the Heyoka in the Native American ceremonies would be the person to disrupt the proceedings in order to get the people to shift the energy of the situation or the people to see things in a different way.

Modern Day Heyokas

Nowadays, the Heyokas will do or say something in order to shift the energy that creates healing, and change, and balances the whole energy.

The gift of these Empaths is to get people unstuck simply by showing the backward way and also bringing them back in balance. In fact, these people carry the medicine of chaos, which has the power to change lives.

It’s a strong, forthcoming, and also firm energy. It’s disruption out of love with the hope to witness growth. This is the medicine that shows that the shadow stays unseen and that the truth mirror is hard to stare into.

Humbling yourself in this world of ego is hard. Therefore, if you have the luck to meet a Heyoka, would be brave enough to experience yourself and see your true colors?