10 Ways to Remove Negative Energy from Our Home (to Raise Our Vibration)

Get Rid of Negative Energy and Bring Positive Vibration in Your Home

Everyone wants to fulfill their dreams. But, the vibration around us is crucial for the achievement of our aims. If the vibration is at a low level, we may not be able to succeed in fulfilling our goals.

However, there are great ways to get rid of the negative energy in our home and raise the vibration.

1. Open the Windows and Bring Plants

The first thing we need to do is to open out the windows and let the negativity go away. Let the fresh air get inside our home and bring us positivity. Also, we may shake out our blankets and pillows.

And, get some plants into our home to make it nicer.

2. Light Candles and Burn Incense

Lightening some of your favorite candles may create a cozy and positive atmosphere. Also, burning some incense is not a bad idea. For a long time, the smoke has been used for spiritual and meditation practice.

These little things may make your day and bring in a positive vibration.

3. Throw Out Negative Reminders

It is important for us to learn how to let go of things that hurt us in the past. We need to get rid of things such as photos, objects, or emotions. One way of getting rid of emotions is to light a white sage by saying “I love you and I’m letting this go.”

The white sage cleanses the negativity. You can find it in crystal stores.

4. Repair or Remove Broken Stuff

According to Anjie Cho, a Feng Shui expert, when you break a thing you should throw it away because it brings negative energy. Also, sometimes, it is not worthy to, for example, fix a broken chair.

5. Orange Essential Oils

The good scent of orange essential oils is what you need to get in a better mood. The smell reminds me of sunshine and happiness. Try it out.

6. Use Crystals

One of the most popular crystals is the Rose Quartz which is filled with love and may help you attract it. Another amazing crystal is Honey Quartz which makes you feel grateful and positive.

And, if you want to replace the negative emotions and feelings with positive ones, you have the Rose Quartz. There is one more special crystal called Black Tourmaline which destroys the negative energy.

We recommend you cleanse your crystal once a month.

7. Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps refresh your air and deodorize it. Also, they possess many health benefits. They lower the symptoms of asthma and coughing and neutralize the electromagnetic radiation coming from the devices.

Get an HSL and bring in a positive vibe.

8. Salt

According to experts at Energy Muse, salt absorbs negative energy. You need to pour some salt into four corners of your home, let it stay for 48 h. Then, use a vacuum cleaner or just sweep it and throw it away.

9. Use a Yellow Color

The color you use to paint your home is of extreme importance. So, according to Zuravlilova (interior designer), you should use yellow. This color neutralizes the bad energy, and your home would get a warmer atmosphere.

10. Do Not Let Toxic People Inside

If you have a toxic person as a family member or a friend, we recommend you to go to their place or meet somewhere else. Otherwise, they would suck up the positive energy from your home.

However, if you must have a toxic person as a guest, use a white sage to clean after they are gone.