Use These 3 Phrases to Neutralize a Narcissist

Use These 3 Phrases to Neutralize a Narcissist2

A narcissist is a person who thinks that the world revolves around them, they are incredibly selfish people who think only of themselves. But they wear a mask of compassion and kindness.

Luckily, not all is lost. There are a couple of ways to neutralize these people. Sure, neutralizing a narcissist isn’t easy. But, why?

Because most narcissists do their best to be charming in order to gain social support. They have a couple of lovely facets when it comes to their personality. Another problem is the fact that they do not see themselves as narcissists.

What they do first, is that they ensure that other people will admire them, for narcissists this is the biggest achievement and thing they are proud of.

This is something that boosts their ego. The narcissist does their best to be and stay relevant. They want to be surrounded by people who adore them, and they do not want to confront them.

Below there are 3 ways to neutralize a narcissist. It won’t be easy, but you must be decisive. Read on to find out how to do that.

3 Powerful Phrases to Deal with a Narcissist

#1 Say: “I Am Not Scared of You”

The most effective way to neutralize them is by showing that you are not afraid of them. Narcissists love when other people are insecure, they pay attention to the weaknesses of other people. They use them against you from time to time.

They love to talk about the flaws of other people. Do not take their words and attacks, show them that you aren’t scared. It is not your problem they are angry and insecure, so they have to talk about others.

One thing is sure they will get confused by your strength.

#2 Say: “No”

Narcissists expect others to agree to everything they ask for. They want those around them to have the same opinions and views about everything. They want to control you in that way, that is how they feel that they have the power over people.

One great way to stop this is by saying “NO!” Distance yourself from what they are saying by not agreeing with them.

#3 Say: “Do Not Change the Subject”

These people do their best to get away with everything. In case they are talking about a certain topic and understand mid-conversation that they are wrong, they will try to change the subject.

They will do it just to avoid the other person being right and they being wrong. They draw attention to other things, whenever they make a mistake. They are skilled manipulators.

Confront them by using this phrase; one thing is certain they will no longer have the power over you. Make them understand that they won’t be able to manipulate you. Do this, especially if you are close to one.

Final Thoughts

Neutralizing a narcissist isn’t easy, it takes courage and audacity for that. But once you train yourself to do this, and use these phrases, they won’t be able to manipulate you anymore.

The biggest issue of a narcissist is the fact that they do not love themselves, this is something that they will never admit no matter what. So, they do their best to project this image of themselves, acting as if they are perfect.

They love using other people around them, but you should not let them manipulate you. Take control over your thoughts and life. You are strong enough, remember that!