10 Benefits of Keeping a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp in Our Home

10 Benefits of Keeping Himalayan Pink Salt in Your Home

Those who don’t know what a Himalayan Pink Salt lamp is, are missing a lot! The lamp naturally provides fresh and clean air. Also, it has many health advantages. We can put the lamp in any place in our home, and we’ll not have any regrets.

Read on to find out more about the health benefits of the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp.

1. Provides Clean and Fresh Air

This lamp has a great power to get rid of dust, the smoke of cigars, pollen, and various air pollution. The question is: How is this possible?

The lamp cleans the air with the power of hygroscopy. This means that they attract and absorb water and other molecules from the surroundings. The lamp gets warm because of the light bulb, and the water evaporates back into the air. The particles of smoke, dust, pollen, and others stay in the salt. (1)

2. Lowers Allergy Symptoms and Asthma

Since this lamp removes the different types of particles from the air, placing a lamp in the room where you spend the most time, may help you with your asthma and allergy symptoms. Also, there are Himalayan Pink Salt inhalers which are good for people who suffer from asthma. (2)

3. Eases Coughing

The HPS lamp makes changes in charge of the released molecules. Most of our homes contain ions positively charged, and those are not very good for our health. The source of these ions is our electronics.

Breathing a lot of positive ions provokes coughing. So, how does this lamp calms coughing? As the lamp is able to absorb particles from the air, it also absorbs the positive ions. After that, when the purified water evaporates back in the air releases negative ions. These ions improve our breathing. (3)

Actually, the HPS lamp helps your lungs to filter the air you breathe.

4. Improves Energy

Lots of people feel better when they drive with open windows, take a shower in the morning, go to the beach or camping. All of these activities expose people to negative ions. So, when you often feel tired for no reason, try placing an HPS lamp in your room. It takes one week to notice an improvement.

5. Electromagnetic Radiation is Neutralized

Because of the electronics such as TV, computers, phones, etc., we are exposed to electromagnetic radiation. This may be dangerous. If people are constantly exposed to radiation they may have heightened stress levels, often feel fatigued, and the immune system is worsened.

The role of Himalayan salt has a role in neutralizing electromagnetic radiation. So, to lower the risks, place a lamp close to some of your electronics.

6. It Improves Sleep

Excessive exposure to positive ions has a negative effect on your sleep. Why is that so? The positive ions do not let your brain get enough blood and oxygen which causes irregular sleeping. So, keeping an HPS lamp in your bedroom can improve your sleep.

If you cannot sleep with a light on, you can leave the light on during the day and turn it off at night. Those of you who live in humid environments should place a bowl under the lamp because it may weep when the salt gets cold.

7. Better Mood and Concentration

A natural way of improving your mood, relaxing, and getting a better concentration is keeping a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp. It helps your brain to get enough blood and oxygen, also boosts serotonin.

8. Treating of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Besides the release of negative ions, the HPS lamp gives a natural light that is similar to the sunlight. This is helpful in easing the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. In autumn and winter, when the days are shorter, place a few lamps in your home.

9. Lowers Static Electricity in the Air

Static electricity causes stress, frustration, and embarrassment. Static can get you at any time, while you kiss your partner, try to pet your cat or dog, touching the door, etc. Also, you may get bad hair and many other problems.

However, it is important to know that the HPV lamp help in lowering the electricity in the air in a natural way.

10. Eco-Friendly Light Source

These lamps are nature-friendly because they use very little energy. The base of the HPS lamp is made from neem which is a type of wood.

Finally, it is good to know how to choose a Himalayan Pink Salt lamp and where you should put it. For instance, smaller lamps (5.4lb) should be used for an average bedroom. Larger lamps (12lb) should be used for wider spaces such as the living room. Averagely, for a space of 4’x4’, you need a 1lb of Himalayan Pink Salt crystal.