35 Brilliant and Interesting Words to Add to Our Vocabulary

35 Brilliant and Interesting Words to Add to Your Vocabulary

Besides the complexity of speech, we are still creating new words. In the first three months of 2015, there were about 500 new words in the Oxford English Dictionary. So, if we want to improve the dictionary, there are  35 interesting words.

1. Bedgasm (n) – the amazing feeling we have when we get into a bed after a busy day.

2. Masturdaing (n) – going on a date with yourself, like seeing a movie alone.

3. Chairdrobe (n) – when you pile your clothes on a chair.

4. Askhole (n) – a person that asks pointless, dumb, and annoying questions.

5. Cellfish (n) – a person who constantly talks on the phone to annoy others.

6. Nonversation (n) – small talk, meaningless chat.

7.Textpectation (n) – the feelings one gets when expecting a response to a text.

8. Errorist (n) – a person that always makes mistakes or is always wrong.

9. Destinesia (n) – when you get to the desired destination, but you forget why you are there.

10. Carcolepsy (n) – when a passenger falls asleep while in a moving car.

11. Ambitchous (adj.) – attempting to become a bigger bitch than the average.

12. Hiberdating (v) – someone ignoring their friends because of a partner.

13. Internest (n) – when a person gathers pillows and blankets around them while spending a long time on the Internet.

14. Youinverse (n) – a person focused only on themselves.

15. Columbusing (n) – white people claiming that they have revealed something that has been there for a very long time.

16. Bromance (n) – two male best friends forever.

17. Beerboarding (n) – getting someone drunk to get information out of them.

18. Afterclap (n) – the person that claps the last.

19. Unkeyboardinated (adj.) – unable to type without making mistakes.

20. Epiphanot (n) – a pointless, stupid or incorrect idea that seems amazing to the conceiver.

21. Dudevorce (n) – when two male friends end a friendship.

22.Unlightening (v) – when you learn something that makes you dumber.

23. Doppelbanger (n) – having intercourse with someone who looks just like you, but you are not related.

24. Nerdjacking (n) – leading a conversation with unnecessary information about someone’s passion, with an uninterested person.

25. Nomonym (n) – food with the same taste as any other food.

26. Cupidity (n) – the dumb thing one does when in love.

27. Irrightional (adj.) – person that believes they are always right.

28. Chiptease (n) – the air in a chips bag.

29. Wanderlust (n) – the desire to see new places.

30. Eglaf (n) – a meaningless word that can be used a replacement for any other word.

31. Spoopy (adj.) – something funny and spooky.

32. Photobomb (v) – when someone ruins a photo.

33. Glamping (n) – luxurious camping with beds and pillows.

34. Webisode (n) – TV shows that are available only online.

35. Bropocalypse (n) – a group of male friends gathering together to get drunk.

If you liked our list of words we got from Urban Dictionary, you can share with us your favorite word.