An Open Letter to the Women Who Want to Let Him Go

An Open Letter to the Women Who Want to Let Him Go

To the women who are willing to let go,
It was beautiful. Being in that relationship was surely a blessing. But, these women are grateful for it because they truly loved him, and they probably love him still.

They held on to his soul hoping that it would be enough. They believed they would live as one. Sounds familiar?

Once, he was your only light. He was a pure bundle of joy, cheerfulness, and kindness. He was an inspiration beyond words.

It must have been devastating to let go of such a person. But, both of you have come to a point where you constantly argue. You are just pulling and pushing what you once had, hoping it would remain intact.

You are so different now. But, love could only take you this far. You are probably sorry and disappointed with what is left of your precious relationship. You probably disappointed him too. You feel terrible for hurting him, so you decide to let go.

Do you think you are rushing things? Maybe you do, and maybe you don’t, it all depends on how you feel. What is your heart telling you to do? Listen to your heart and let it guide you. Day by day it gets more difficult to feel as if he is the one.

It makes you give up. This can be painful, but if you don’t feel loved or you don’t love him, there is no reason to stay. There is no point in making him suffer because you are unhappy. Remember, you will get through this.

Just trust in yourself and stay strong. It is crucial that you don’t give up. If you want to cry, go ahead. Don’t hold your feelings bottled up inside. This is just another transition. You love his warmth and light, but it seems it didn’t last long.

You will need to gather all of your strength to survive this storm, Prepare yourself for a new season, but separately. Even if your love was true, it was probably never meant to last. But, you can never know if you are doing the right thing.

Probably the hardest thing to do right now is the right thing. You love him, but for now, you are giving up on him. You truly believe it is for the best. Well, it is better to give up rather than to hurt each other more.

Make sure that he is safe and ready to take care of himself because you couldn’t. As much as you wanted to, you simply couldn’t do it. Right now you are both crushed and hurting. Make sure to wish him well.

Hope that one day he will find someone who he can share his love with, the right person that can support and comfort him. Don’t hate him. Remember, he is hurting the same way you are. Wish him well and hope for the best.

If the two of you were meant to be together, fate will bring you closer. If not, you should be prepared to move forward. Let him go and deal with the pain. In time you will heal, you just have to be prepared to take it all in.